French Pharmacy Mini Haul

After hearing many a beauty blogger rave about french pharmacy products I just had to get my hands on a couple of well know beauty must haves, on my trip to France. There was also a few cheeky purchases from shops such as Kiko, which we can't get here in the north of England. As you can see from the picture below I found some amazing dupes for the MAC 217 and the famous Sigma F80.

Bioderma Créaline H2O
Seen as my Garnier micellar water has just ran out I though I would crack open the Bioderma. I have just tried and tested this little beauty and I must say for a first impression I was quite pleased. Even though micellar water is basically just water for removing your make up the Garnier one sometimes stung my eyes. Whereas I found the Bioderma very, very gentle on my skin, with no stinging to my eyes. My eye make up was removed fairly quickly, with no need for scrubbing away at those poor little lids. For first impressions I would say I'm fairly impressed with this classic skincare star, however I would still like to see if it does more for my skin as I begin to use it more regularly. If you're not going to France any time soon there is a online shop called Escentual where you can purchase Bioderma for a very reasonable price.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc
Whats so special about this product is that it contains zinc sulfate, which helps to fight against the production of bacteria and sooth irritations. After hearing a handful of bbloggers marvel at how this helped their skin I was definitely drawn to this purchase, to help with my problematic skin. So far I have used this on and off for about a week, every morning and night. I haven't seen dramatic changes in my skin, but what I can say is I did notice something to do with my spots after a little experiment. So, one night I did my skin care routine but after cleansing I did not use this to tone and I just applied my Effaclar Duo and went to bed. The next morning some little blighters had appeared on my face, so the spots that started to appear under the skin the night before had inflamed. However the next night I did exactly the same, but included this as my toner, after cleansing and before applying my Effaclar Duo. The next morning, those spots that were just beginning to appear on my face had not inflamed like the night before. They had really gone down and there wasn't any inflamed spots, just a wee bit of redness. Like the Bioderma, I am going to continue incorporating this into my skincare routine and see how it benefits my skin further.

Kiko eyes 200
Now I know this isn't an exact dupe for the MAC 217 but it's the closest I have found yet and I was in desperate need of a proper blending brush. So far I am really impressed with this blending beauty. It can be used to apply colour to the crease and blend. However I would say, if you have a smaller eye area like me it can be slightly too large for applying colour to the crease. Apart from that it is delightful for blending out cream and powder shadows. The bristles are gentle, but not exactly the smoothest ever. Never the less, this does not bother me at all as it does the job and leaves me with beautifully blended colours.

Kiko Boulevard Rock Face Brush
This is probably my favourite purchase from the trip and I must say I will never use another brush for my foundation ever again after using this miracle. The bristles are indescribably soft and I mean it's one of those brushes were you could easily sit there stroking your face with it for a good 15 mins (you make-up brush fanatics out there will understand me). Also the brush it self is extraordinarily dense, which gives the most perfectly flawless coverage of foundation. Now I can't find this brush on the Kiko website so I would recommend looking in your nearest Kiko store but I would honestly say if you are considering getting a foundation brush then get this one. It is so much cheaper than the Sigma F80, yet still does an amazing job at giving you that flawless base.

Kiko Eyelash Curler
After doing a wee bit of research I discovered that what makes an eye lash curler is the rubber band and that can make the difference between slightly lifted lashes and curly, voluminous lashes. I was so excited to get my hands on this beauty as I remember hearing from Amelia Liana that it is a dupe for the famous Shu Uemura. (Which I'm never going to spend £15 odd on some eyelash curlers!). I must say I was amazed with the curl these eyelash curlers gave me on first attempts. I am 100% hooked and now I never apply mascara without curling my lashes with these lovelies before hand. And just incase your a tad forgetful like me and you loose the rubber band there is no need to worry, as you receive an extra one in the bottom of the box.

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  1. I have an eye makeup remover from La Roche Posay and I love it! Lovely blog xx

    1. Eeek you are my first ever comment and thank you it means very much to me :) La Roche Posay are fab I think! Xx


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