Little BooHoo Haul

Hello lovelies. Today I just felt like posting something short and sweet, so I though I would show you my cheeky purchases from BooHoo.

Jenny contrast collar velvet skater dress
This is now one of my favourite dresses I own and let me tell you I have a lot of dresses! I adore it. The velvet is slightly more lilac coloured than pink, as seen in the picture online, but it is still just as beautiful. I feel as though I could create many looks with this dress, from grunge with a denim jacket to cute 'n' cosy with a cream jumper. Also I cannot forget how amazed I was with the quality of the dress. You know when something feels heavy on the hanger but in a good way, like the material is of very good quality. That is exactly how this dress feels and I cannot believe it only cost £8.

Tammy contrast collar swing dress
I know already I am going to get so much wear out of this delight in autumn and winter. It would look great paired with either some cosy black tights or some frilly socks. As well as being super cute, it is also amazingly comfy as it is a swing dress. This means it hangs loosely and has a bit of extra material to give a lovely flowing style. As you can probably tell I have a thing for collars on clothes (they are just sooo cutee!)

Brooke collared sweatshirt
Again another super comfy yet stylish piece, which is going to be fab for autumn/winter. This top literally goes with everything. I mean everything, jeans, leggins, skirts and pinafores. I think a light grey is a handy colour to have in your wardrobe, as it can be paired with many colours. And for those days when it's just too cold to go out, but you have to go to college, you can throw it under a jumper to create a super cute collar detail.

Thanks again for reading and let me know if you liked this post. If you have 
any post ideas you would like to see just comment down below :) Ooo and before I forget, 
I didn't put any pictures of me wearing the clothes as most of them are going to be
featured in my upcoming autumn lookbook!