Max Factor False Lash Effect Review!

If you are looking for voluminous lashes with enhanced length, that can be found in your local drugstore, look no further my lash lovelies. I can quite honestly say I have found my holy grail mascara! I'm pretty sure this mascara is widely available, but I bought mine from boots, for £10.99. I know it seems on the bit more of the pricier side of drugstore mascaras but I think it really is worth it, as the tube contains 13.1 ml of product, which is quite a lot compared to other mascaras.

As you can see the shape of the brush is quite chunky, with short bristles (fairly similar to the Maybelline the Rocket mascara). However it seems to do a pretty good job of grabbing onto those lashes. The brush its self is plastic and the formula of the product is fairly wet. Now I tend to prefer brushes with natural bristles and a slightly more tacky formula, as do other people, however none of these factors have bothered me at all with this mascara. My eyelashes are literally non-existant and let me tell you they need quite a bit of umph to make an appearance. So here you go, you can see for yourself the difference this mascara makes for me.

 Look at those wee little bald eye lids! ↑↑↑

Taadaaaa! :)

Despite its mighty, magical powers to immerse my eye lashes from my bald lids, I only have one teeny tiny problem with this product. It is a little bit messy on application just above my tight line, but that doesn't bother me too much as I have had that problem with every mascara I have ever tried and I think it's down to my small, stubborn lashes. Apart from that, this mascara has never left any clumps and does not smudge or flake at all. Another great feature of this mascara, that also makes me love it so much, is its super amazing longevity. Honestly I put this on about 11 am, go out and look at my make up at 8 pm and it looks exactly the same as it did at 11 am. False Lash Effect is truly the best mascara ever for holding the curl. I have tried A LOT of mascaras and none have ever held the curl for as long and as good as this mascara.

I really would recommend this mascara to anyone who is looking for great volume that holds the curl all day. And for you lovelies who like the waterproof stuff I can tell you that they also have this mascara in waterproof too!

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