Seventeen Stay Time Primer Review

When it comes to applying make up primer is a step a cannot skip! With my acne prone skin I need a primer that not only prolongs the wear of my make up but also one the creates a barrier to prevent pore clog-age. When I saw this product I was instantly drawn in my its claim to create "longer wear" "for make up that stays put".
Seventeen is not a brand I usually opt for, however their stay time concealer is a win win for me, but that's another story. After marvelling over the success of the concealer in this range I decided to give the matching primer a go. The product claims to "work like a glue for foundation" and by gum were they right. Don't expect miracles but this drug store primer was most certainly effective in keeping my make up glued to my face. It also succeeded in creating a suitable barrier between my skin and make up to prevent pore clog-age. However there were some downsides to this product.
 On application and during base application the product seemed to gather in rubber-like shavings and I had previously seen this mentioned in some other reviews. Yet despite this I managed to work around it. To combat this problem I would have to use a good "green pea" sized amount for each section of my face (cheek one, cheek two, chin and forehead). Using a ratio of product more likely to be used with a foundation or BB cream seemed to help distribute the product more evenly, without the rubber-like shaving. However this did mean I had to use more product. 
Stay time Primer also offers a slight tint/sheer coverage. But be warned my fellow pale peoples; it did seem to be slightly orange on my skin. This did not bode well in regards to the jawline and neck contrast on occasions. Despite this it would probably not be a problem on most people as my skin is so pale its alien like (honestly I think I belong to another planet). A high coverage pale foundation should also counteract this problem too.
Weighing up the odds Seventeen Stay time Primer is an affordable drug store product at the price of £5.49 that offers very decent prolonging of the make up. Despite its small flaws I could still recommend it to all those looking for an affordable, "does what it says on the tin" primer. 
                          Hope this helps in that very minimal world of the drug store primers!