First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Review

I don't know why but every time I come to write this post I'm like "umm, maybe another day". I guess this reflects how much I enjoyed this product; not very much. XD

So back in my time of desperate dry skin woes I heard about this wonder product from a fabulous YouTuber. Like me, she said she suffered with very dry skin and as the name suggests I was most certainly in need of some "Ultra repair".

I purchased this moisturiser from, which was actually how I discovered this AMAZING online beauty store. It cost £9.00 with free p&p, but it is currently on offer there for £7.20. Although ever so slightly more than the average moisturiser from Boots I still thought this was a very reasonable price.

Despite the budget friendly price tag the product did not sit well with my skin. Although it reduced most of my very dry patches and soreness it didn't leave my skin feeling super moisturised. Yes it felt better than my previous state of desert-like skin but for an "Ultra Repair Cream" it most certainly did not blow me away. It did seem to leave my skin feeling slightly greasy too. Weighing up these facts it must have had trouble sinking into my skin.

This I could have lived with and used up the product however what caused me to seize using this product was that it seemed to cause me to break out. I used around half of the product, so I gave it a good chance to bode with my skin however this did not happen. For the trouble I had been going through wth my acne this was the last thing I needed.

So I'm very sad to say the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream just wasn't for me. However after hearing many a YouTuber rave about some of their other products I am most tempted to give them a go.

Hope this helped a little if you are on the hunt for your skin saviour! If not I hope you enjoyed; until next time

Ellie x