Benefit Blushers Review

Last Christmas I was like a child in a sweet shop when I saw this being introduced onto the counters as a Benefit Christmas special. So basically it consists of four of Benefit's much loved blushers, their famous Hoola bronzer, a mini Watts Up highlighter and a miniature Box Blush brush! If I can remember rightly all for under £30! Seen as I had never owned any benefit products before and lusted over their elegant vintage style packaging I was over the moon to see that Santa had gifted me with this little beauty.
Seen as I only own two other blushers, a No7 one and the Sleek Rose Gold one, this is definitely a go to palette for me. Now to me blushers are much of a muchness, with the occasional ones that knock it out of the park shall we say. Prsonally I don't think I am going to be re-purchasing any of these blushers individually. Don't get me wrong I do really love them however they don't quite cut it enough for the price they are in my books. Never the less I am thoroughly enjoying this palette though and I really don't want to hit pan on any of them.
For a fair skinned girl it's quite easy to go over board with the blush which is why I love to use these blushers and I would say the pigment is delicate. They take a bit of building up but they subtlety produce such a natural flush of colour. Hoola on the other hand has a bit more of a stronger pigment. Although to swatch it looks slightly orange-y it is actually one of the best contour shades I have ever owned and also blends into a beautiful swoon of definition under my cheek bones when applied.
Watts Up on the other hand I am still not too sure about. Not that it is bad; I am just so thoroughly obsessed with my Sleek highlighter at the moment I don't dare stray from it.This highlighter is usually sold in a chubby stick style packaging and that does put me off a little from considering buying it separately in the future as I just don't think you can get that lovely natural glow with chubby sticks when using a brush to apply the product and applying straight from the bullet is a one way route to wiping away a stripe of foundation on the tops of your cheek bones. As I said with the blushers the price is also a little off putting considering I'm not darn crazy in love with it. Hoola on the other hand, if I do hit pan I think there will be some serious consideration into whether I will re-purchase it as its slight cool tones really do sit well with my skin as a contour shade.
Oooooo now if I had to pick a favourite out of all the blushers it's got to be Sugar Bomb or Rockateur. Both of them have slight orange-y, beige undertones that just seen to accentuate my cheek bones so beautifully. Not to mentioned these undertones make them perfect to pair with almost any eye look or lip! If I'm really stuck on what to wear with my lip or eyes I usually go with Sugar Bomb, as it is the more basic of the two. Rockateur on the other hand has a very subtle hint of rose-y pink.
As for the others Dandelion is the most perfect spring pink, fresh and perky. Coralista whereas is a beautiful glow-y sun goddess shade that is perfect for Summer. And finally Bella Bamba reminds me a lot of the Sleek Rode Gold shade yet just toned down a little; I do believe though this one may have been discontinued.
So there we have it, a round up of everything cheeks from Benefit. Even though I'm not considering re-purchasing all of these products they are lasting very well so if they are something you want to invest your money in I think you get a good amount that lasts considering what you pay. Tell me in the comments of your thoughts on the Benefit cheek offerings! Till next time,

Ellie x