Kiko Haul

When I first visited St Tropez I found this little Kiko store and was untterly amazed with the beautiful products and more to my delight the amazing prices. After much holiday blues me and my family decided to go back to France this year and let me tell you on St Tropez day I was a ball of excitement to see what the Kiko store had install this time.
After much excitement and a mad dash around, with two arms of swatches, I decided to let myself go a bit and therefore ending up buying 10 products. But all for just over 35 euros, that works out as almost 3 euros, 50 cent each! Well I'm pretty sure it does.
With MAC like products at such a good price I was over the moon I tell you, so here is a little description of what I picked up.
Starting with the eye shadows...

Infinity Eyeshadow in 205 is sort of like a shimmery, golden peach. Quite orange to look at in the pan but I remember looking beautiful and wearable when swatched.

Infinity Eyeshadow in 219 is a beautiful, taupe-y rose shade.

Infinity Eyeshadow in 244 is a really nice mauve, purple. A shade that I think Lily Pebbles would really like.

And finally Infinity Eyeshadow in 251 is the most gorgeous, fairy princess-like, pale lilac. It is literally a beautiful pale lilac with fairy dust.

Water Eyeshadow in 224 is again another fairy princess-like eyeshadow in a pale blue, again with the fairy dust-like shimmer.

Cream Crush in 03 is a lovely, simplistic and minimalistic burgundy shadow. So creamy!

And if you can't tell I went a bit eyeshadow crazy I also got two Long Lasting Shadow Sticks in 25 and 35. To me 25 is like a nice, neutral, milky coffee shade and 35 is a little more daring, being a sort of classic pink shade.

For the lips...

I purchased two Pencil Lip Glosses. 07 is a delicate, ballerina pink and 09 is a ever so slightly orange-y toned, classic nude.

So that is the haul. I haven't tried them all yet but I am most impressed with them so far and will definitely be making more Kiko purchases in the future,

Ellie x