An Autumnal Clothing Haul

Well I said I wasn't going to spend any more money and I was only going to buy a clothing item if it was really, really special. Looks as though there was a number of special items that caught my eye. Ok I am a bit of a clothes obsessive and I have a lot but lets just clarify, I don't hoard I utilize every beautiful piece. Autumn is an absolute favourite of mine. I absolutely love ultimate cozy-ness, hence why I am showing you a little clothing haul filled with snuggle-y, dainty, beautiful pieces that just make me feel like a princess of all things autumnal.

Cream shirt with bow - Primark
Mauve shirt with bow - Primark
Lace detail shirt - Primark
Oversized camel coloured tee - New Look
Stripy tee - New Look
Pink tee with white detail - New Look
Dip hem camel coloured tee - New Look
Tartan cape - New Look

What would be on your autumnal clothing wish list? Let me know in the comments :)

Ellie x