Mystical Witch Halloween Make Up Tutorial

Now I'm not a massive celebrator of Halloween however I love, love, love the dressing up aspect of it, which means getting creative with my make up! I also rather enjoy food as well so the sweet treats are quite a nice bonus too. Here I have composed a little make up look, something of that a mystical Halloween witch might wear, and below I will give a little run down of the make up I used and how I applied it. Read on and enjoy if you want to become a magical mystical Halloween witch too!

Before applying any make up I ensured to moisturise and also scrub my lips using the Lush Bubblegum Scrub. After a little scrub I then wiped the product away and applied some lip balm.

So first of all I started with my eyes. When doing a dark smoky eye I always think it's best to do shadow before base just to prevent any fall out from spoiling my foundation. First I primed my eye lids with a small dabble of my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. Gradually, applying a little a time, I blended my Kiko 251 Infinity eye shadow into my crease just to add a subtle lilac shadow. For this I used my larger fluffy brush, the Kiko eyes 200 brush. 

Using my Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer I then blended Forever in Florence, a deep, black purple shade from the Sleek Vintage Romance Palette, into my crease. I was slightly more precise with this shade than the pale lilac as it was quite dark. Following on from this, on the actual eye lid, I applied Bliss in Barcelona, a more blue toned dark purple, with a flat shader brush to the outer and inner corners. I purposely left the middle of my eye lid clear so that I could then apply Marry in Monte Carlo, a more cranberry purple, to the centre of my lid. 

To deepen up the look ever so slightly I finished off the eye shadow by applying a sparkly black shade, with a pencil brush, to the outer corner of my eyes. I was careful to apply a little at a time and blended out with a fluffy brush before applying more each time, using my Zoeva 227 for this.

Using my time wisely I then applied my Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer to my face before curling my eye lashes as it gave the primer time to sink in before I applied my foundation. I simply then curled my lashes with my Keko eyelash curler and applied two coats of my  L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara to my top lashes.

Onto the face now, I began by applying my Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse using my fingers and to cover up my delightful spots I used my Seventeen Stay Time Concealer. I also used this concealer to cover any darkness under my eyes, applying it in a triangular shape with the wand and blending it out with my finger.

For me I don't like to set with powder as I have quite dry skin and prefer the dewy-ness however feel free to apply powder. Onto to the cheeks I then applied Keko's 244 Infinity eye shadow, a dusky purple, just in the hollows of my cheeks using my Zoeva 127 brush. Any purple shade will do and the purple-r the better as it will add a lovely spooky effect! Instead of blush I then simply applied highlight on the tops of my cheekbones, the tip of my nose and on my brow bone. Instead of using my ordinary highlighter I used a pigment pearl-y, lilac eye shadow that had lots of shimmer.

With the face complete I then went back to the eyes and added some black eye liner to my tight line and water line. I also used a clean pencil brush to messily blend some of that Forever in Florence shade under my lower lashes and then some Marry in Monte Carlo in the centre. Now is when I then applied mascara to my bottom lashes.

To pull the look together I then went onto lips. After dabbling the excess lip balm off I used my black eye liner as a lip liner for the inner corners and then filled in the inner corners black too. I then lined the rest of my lips using a collection lip liner, which the name has rubbed off however any burgundy eye liner will do. Using my MAC Darkside lipstick I then applied it to the centre of my lips, gently blending it in with the black shade and voilĂ , the look is complete.

I hope you may have found this helpful or just enjoyable to have a nosey at and if you have any questions on the look or any of the products I used please do not hesitate to ask! Happy Halloween!

Ellie x