Witches Hats: Quick and Easy No Bake Last Minute Halloween Treats

Halloween and autumn is the perfect time for cosy baking in my opinion. Seen as I did the creepy cupcakes last year I wanted to do something a little different this year, yet still as cute! Here I have a super simple, super tasty, easy recipe to make the cutest little witches hats. Below is a list of the ingredients needed and some quick and simple, step by step instructions. So get your baking hats on and broom sticks at the ready!

You will need:
Hershey's Kisses
Purple food colouring and butter cream or purple writing icing


Now here comes the fun bit! Extra carefully twist each of the Oreos to separate them into two circles. Scrap the inside into a bowl or eat the halves with the cream on if you fancy (that's what I did!). Ensure to mix your purple food colouring with your butter cream if that is what you are using; the purple-r the better.

After placing your Oreo circles on your chosen spook-tacular plate pipe a small blob of butter cream onto the centre of each Oreo. The blobs should be just slightly larger than the base of the Hershey's kisses. If using icing writing alternatively pipe a swirl, again just bigger than the base of the Hershey's kisses, in the centre of the Oreos.

Now the purple band on the witches hat is in place you can unwrap and place the Hershey's kisses on top of the butter cream or icing. When placing them on very, very carefully squish them into the cream or icing, just enough so the purple can be seen around the Hershey's kiss.

And there you have it, miniature witches hats, the perfect spook-tacular surprise for a sneaky snack or terrifying little trick or treat-ers! Hope you enjoy and happy Halloween!

Ellie x