A Festive List of Festive Activities

Although the festive day of the delightful birth of our lovely Jesus is almost upon us there is no rules to as to when festive activity lists can be complied and enjoyed. Seen as I have broken up for college I'm going to be making full use of my festive time by doing as many Christmas-y themed activities as I can not only to have fun but to relax, and be mindful!

Here is a little list of some merry doings I have collated! :)

  • Baking hazelnut cupcakes 
  • Creating sparkly paper snow flakes
  • Testing out some seasonal make up looks
  • Taking pictures of dainty Christmas lights
  • Going out with my family for our festive get-together
  • Trying out and making different flavoured hot chocolates
  • Having very merry lush baths, with seasonally appropriate festive candles of course!
  • Wrapping all my loved ones presents as cute as possible
  • Getting funky and festive with some nail looks
  • Attending the Christmas ski party (so ready to fall on my bum seen as I haven't been in ages!)
  • Going ice-skating at an outdoor ice rink (again preparing for full on bum bruising and a few banana slip-like moments!)
  • Saying Merry Christmas to everyone I meet

And last but not least, the most important tradition of all. Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Let me know in the comments some of your favourite festive activities if you want to :)

Ellie x