The Hidden Empties

No matter if you have a bag, a box or even a whole bathroom cupboard dedicated to empties you just never seem to be able to catch all those long gone products. So after tipping out my rather large make up bag to have a rummage through some goodies I stumbled upon five decrepit mascaras, one flattened tube of primer and an empty foundation bottle that has lived with me for about a year of my life. Meanwhile I was sitting in the presence of a empty pot of moisturiser camping out in my beauty draws and a misshapen, squozen, hand cream sat right behind me, staring me out. (Ok I don't even think squozen is a word but you get my drift). No matter how old though I still remember just how good some of these beauties were and I think my love for some of them is indicated by the fact that I actually loved them so much I didn't want to part with their empty shells. 
L'Oreal True Match Foundation
Oh my did I love this foundation. After being without it for a fair few months I am desperate to repurchase this wonder product. The formula its self was so light and creamy yet the coverage it gave was outstanding. To be honest I feel as though I never got to test this foundation properly as I mainly used it when I first got into the make up world of YouTubers and bloggers galore. However what certainly stands out in my memory was that this foundation was excellent and I really need it back in my life again! The perfect foundation for those searching for a medium to full coverage and also for those who want the feeling of a lightweight base. 
Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve
This was such a luxury product. The smell of it was so calming and relaxing, the texture was creamy and rich and it left my hands feeling dreamy on application. My only downside to this product was the moisturisation it gave may have been  lovely however it just didn't last. I really did thoroughly enjoy using this product on my hands and it would always relieve the dryness of my hands however I felt as though I had to keep applying it to keep them moisturised. On the tube it does say "apply liberally to clean hands. For best results, reapply to hands after washing". For the price of £14 I think I'd be a little scared of applying liberally for a hand cream and applying after hand washing is slightly inconvenient for me considering I am working within the health care sector. P.S hand washing is a life saver! Stop that cross contamination; wash those mitts! Having said that dry hands are also a haven for bacteria, (those pesky blighters living between the cracks of my dry sin how dare they!), which is why I need a hand cream that can keep the dryness at bay twenty-four hours a day! Although it was a luxury to use and very relaxing I don't think I am going to be repurchasing this one myself. If you are however interested in this hand cream I am currently using the Soap and Glory Hand Dream Super Cream which is a lot like it with a similar but slightly toned down scent and it's half the price of the Kiehl's one! I must say though, on a positive note, you cannot beat the luxury of this product.
Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream
If you need a super cream then this is the one. Oh my does it give you a super hit of moisturisation. Not only did it leave my skin feeling plump with moisture it also made it a dewy delight when braving it bare faced. All this and yet under make up........ no slipping and sliding! Ok now if strong scents aren't your thing you might want to swerve this one however if your one for a fab scent then welcome on aboard. All I can say is your dipping yourself in a bowl of creamy vanilla with a delicate hint of orange zest (yep that's how I'm going to describe the scent). It is just sheer, utter, beautifull-ness in a pot. And then your thinking "ahhh a great smelling product infused with natural oils; a beacon for a full blown irritation break out". Well actually no; this did not irritate my skin once! Every time I used this product I felt like a spa goddess, indulging her skin with a sumptuous blend of beautiful oils and just general skin goodness. In the mid to high twenties price range I am a little reluctant to repurchase right away but I will most definitely repurchase this in the future. Maybe for a special occasion. As a wedding beauty special, that would be divine, 
Ok half way through this post I have now decided that I can't part with the Antipodes tub and I am going to have to keep it as memorabilia.

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer
For me primer is a must. Not only does it extend the wear of my foundation it also acts as an excellent barrier between make up and my skin therefore helping to prevent breakouts. Now here is a primer that does the job. This primer actually does what a primer should do. It makes an excellent base for my make up that is smooth and ready for base application, helps to keep make up on for longer and in addition to this creates an excellent barrier to prevent breakouts.
Now  I wouldn't agree with its claims 100%. For resurfacing and brightening I can't say I see much of a difference with or without it however I would say there are some elements of skin smoothing that can be felt on the skin when applied. I wouldn't however say it is 100% mattifying either however I see this as a good thing as the slightly glow-y finish really helps keep the dry skin at bay and injects a bit of hydration. But why worry about all these claims when actually the primer does what it should do. And all for a very reasonable price of around £6.99 when not on offer. I'm still on the hunt for a stand out product in this category however for now I am most content with the Rimmel offerings.

Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara
I'm quite fussy when it comes to mascara so spending £10 on a mascara may have made me cry a little however all is well as it came in a great bargain bungle known as the Soap and Glory big Christmas box :3 which was also half price in the Christmas sales :3 :3 So, keeping it short and snappy, this is quite a wet formula mascara, which I wasn't too keen on at first. After  few weeks of usage it did dry a little, which helped to give more of a curled affect to my lashes opposed to a straight length and flop effect. One down side to the product which I found quite annoying was that the formula is really messy and the brush quite large and clumpy so it often ruined my eye shadow or surrounding make up. It wasn't the worst mascara I have ever tried but nothing outstanding. I don't think I will be re-purchasing any time soon.

L'oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara
Now I quite enjoyed this mascara. The product has that perfect balance between a wet and dry formula, wet enough to coat the lashes but tacky enough to give those hairs some hold! I also really enjoyed the density of the brush and didn't find it too detrimental to my surrounding make up due to the tapered shape of the brush. The slightly bendy effect of the wand was also highly useful in aiding me to coat those invisible inner corner lashes! Now on the length, curl and volume side of this mascara I am still undecided. This is definitely one I am most intrigued to try again.

Excuse the worn packaging but I think this is the No7 Lash Impact mascara. On the whole l I really didn't get on with this mascara (can you tell I have fussy eye lashes yet?). The formula did nothing in terms of volume or curl and the length added was very minimal. My lashes also drooped throughout the day exposing my almost bald eye lids! It also smudged under my water line on multiple occasions too. For me this one wasn't a hit.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
Urban decay is a luxury brand to me and seen as I go through mascara on pretty much a daily basis splurging on a high end lash product is not something I really treat myself to. I received this in the Naked on the Run palette and I enjoyed it however I wouldn't say it is any where near worth £17.50.To begin with the formula is a little too wet for my liking however it dries quickly, however not to be confused with drying out! The product really gave my lashes some lovely volume and a little curl however to my hearts dismay its holding power was quite weak and my lashes often drooped and crumbled as the day went on. For this reason I don't think I would repurchase this mascara again. 

And now for the empty tub, tube and pot de-cluttering phase!

Ellie x