Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment Review

Over the years I have had a variety of cuts and trims (and yes I did endure a bit of a bowl cut during my younger years) however as I have grown and gained more independence over my hair choices I have decided upon a mission to grow my hair out fairly long. In the past I've never really had long hair so this is new territory for me I must say! To help me through that awkward hair growing stage I decided to invest in the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment after hearing a number of YouTubers and bloggers rave about its results. I must say I was not disappointed!

Referring to the three pictures, the first and second ones were taken two months between each other and the third three months after the second one. The first picture was taken the day after using the hair treatment and the second picture shows it's growth using the product between the day I started it and the day I finished it. The last picture shows how much my hair grew in the three months after the second picture, without using the product.

As a you can probably tell from the pictures there is a stark difference in my hair length between pictures one and two. Towards the end of the hair treatment I could really start to notice my hair seeming longer. My hair still grew fairly after I finished the product however no where near as quickly. During the three months I wasn't using the product my hair length filled out more than it gained length. From the images and my experience I would definitely say this product does work at aiding hair growth! The product claims "to help hair grow faster and reach its maximum potential length", according to the tub, and I most certainly agree with this.

Something else I absolutely loved about this product was how silky soft if left my hair after using it. Every wash I would apply it and leave it on for about five minutes after using my normal conditioner. Each morning I was left with princess-like silky hair.

Now personally I enjoyed the scent of this product. I'd say the scent is quite sophisticated and it does linger a little in the hair after washing, however it isn't overpowering.   

One of the downsides to the product I found however was that I certainly experienced quite a bit of hair loss. After reading some reviews I noticed some other people had experienced the same issue and as a young girl it was really worrying to see my hair thinning out. (I seriously thought it was to do with stress and that I was never going to get my lovely thick hair back!) Alas however, since not using the product my hair isn't falling out so readily and it's thickness is beginning to be regained.

If I required assistance in the hair growing department I am not sure if I would repurchase this product again, and by that I mean I have a true love hate relationship with it.

  • Definitely helps hair grow faster
  • Has a lovely scent that lingers
  • Leaves hair delightfully soft

  • My hair fell out and thinned quite a bit while using the product
  • One tub lasts about a month and for £8.49 this can be a little pricey

If a quick burst of hair growth is what you are looking for then I would definitely recommend this as an excellent supporting product. However, I feel it is better as a short term product rather than a long term one. Despite this, it does what it says on the tin!

Ellie x