Garnier Gradual Tanning Moisturiser - A Tanning Moisturiser that actually Works!

Hello lovelies! On this dreary and gloomy day how ironic is it that the topic of the day for the blog is sunny skin and tanning (it wouldn't be any other way here in England). Here I bring to you my little review of the quite fantabulous Garnier gradual tanning moisturiser, which completely shocked and impressed me by leaving me with sun kissed skin that my pale complexion had never even dreamt of. 

Getting straight down to business, this delightful product does what it says on the tin and yes, gradually tans me, and yes, most miraculously leaves me with a visible tan! Now when looking at the pictures here are some things to note, 
  • Yes I am super pale so a tan to me is like the slight discolouration of a toasted marshmallow 
  • Due to unpredictable weather the lighting in my pictures on each day is a little skewed, hindering their ability to show the true colour of my little tan
  • And finally, this is a gradual tanning product. It's taking you for a gentle dip by the seaside for half an hour or so as opposed to taking you sun worshipping by the pool in Portugal.
I must warn you I did have to tamper with the brightness of the pictures slightly but can reassure you that the changes I made to one I did to the other to achieve the most natural and honest comparison. However, if this is not enough to meet your requirements here are two other pictures, with absolutely no editing, showing the difference in colour to my arms, where I applied the product, and the tops of my legs, where I did not apply the product.

A noticeable subtle golden glow of colour is what this product left me with just one day after applying it post shower! I was utterly star struck with happiness gazing at my little golden reflection in the mirror, avidly showing everyone my arms, as I have never ever, I repeat, never ever had a tan in my life. The best part of this product; a tan without the need for sun exposure! The product comes in two shades, light and dark, and being as pale as paper my entourage (the partner and my mother) encouraged me to choose the light one. And I tell you it's a bloody good job I did pick up the light one otherwise we could have ended up with a Ross situation in St Tropez! 

Looking at the other factors of this product, it's moisturising powers are good, leaving my skin nourished and without dryness. Absorbent but a teeny tiny bit sticky, but I really do mean minimal. The amount of product you get in a 400ml bottle I'd say would last you about a month if you are covering your whole body each day but if used on just arms and legs like an ordinary moisturiser then you can expect similar usage to your usual daily moisturiser. But if anything the scent is pure apricot heaven! And trust me, the sweet scent of dreamy apricot heaven will linger with you all day long. I was quite flushed by my mum's compliment on how I smelt like a sweet peach; I mean it's close enough. 

Back to the tanning aspect of this product and for me it's a win, win. You get a subtle glow of warmth and colour without your clothes and bed sheets being dyed and sacrificed to the tanning Gods. There is also no biscuit-y smell. Only a scent of sweet apricot dreams that is perfect for holiday memories. The colour of the lotion is also colourless like any other daily moisturiser, helping to reduce anxieties for any first time tanners like me who sweat at the thought of lathering their limbs with bright bronze shimmering mousse. 

Garnier I have to take my hat off to you as you have blown me away with the excellence of this gradual tanning product of yours. At a bargain drugstore price, that is often on offer during the summer months, this sunny superstar will leave you with that post-holiday glow without the need to exposure your skin to the harmful rays of the sun. Whether you're pale as paper like me or just want to add a little more golden colour to your tan (or spruce up those limbs for a special event) this is the perfect product for anyone and everyone. I would highly recommend to all!

Ellie x


  1. I'm so pale even after having a two week holiday in turkey this year! I need to try this xx

    1. Oh hunny this is a dream tan for me! The closest I get to a tan is a slightly toasted marshmallow about 3 seconds before I reach tomato town, haha :) This and spf are my sunny days bff! Xx


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