Autumn Clothing Haul: A Touch of Pink


Hello my lovelies. Oooo I could just wiggle my booty with joy to be back blogging away after this crazy week! Sometimes you just have to be naughty and for me this involved saving my pennies for one last indulgent shopping spree before I enter the next, and very daunting may I add, chapter of my life (university). We whisper this word in hushed tones! This little indulgence came in the form of a rather delightful autumn clothing hall packed with all things cosy, cute and very pink! Below I shall list all these lovely items and where I got them from just in case you see something you fancy yourselves!
  • Pastel pink bomber jacket - Forever 21
  • Grey ribbed, woolly dress - Primark
  • Black with pink detail floral harem pants - Primark
  • Knitted 3/4 sleeve roll neck cream top - Primark
  • Pink velvet t-shirt - Primark
  • Do more of what makes you happy pink chunky oversized jumper - Primark
  • Burnt orange slouchy jumper with long back - Primark
  • Rose gold sparkly t-shirt - Primark
  • Monochrome cigarette pants - Primark
One little top tip: I sometimes tend to buy clothes in slightly bigger sizes to avoid potential shrinkage when washing. Usually I can fit in sizes 6 to 10 with my proper size being a 10 however the size I pick means absolutely nothing to me as everything on the planet fits bloody differently, even if they are from the same flipping shop! So the burnt orange jumper I picked up was in a size 14, which is perfect! So chill and slouchy with room for any disaster shrinkage. On the other hand, my pink slogan chunky jumper is a size 8 as the 10 ate me up for dinner! Don't be afraid to try bigger sizes my friend. Beat the washing machine and avoid the emotional turmoil of shrinkage!

Have a fabulous day my lovelies!

Ellie x


  1. Great post. I never seem to find anything in primark but all of these things are lovely! The colours are beautiful, I'm getting so excited for Autumn xx

    1. Thank you lots and lots lovely! :) I used to be the save and neverrr find anything in Primark but after this year I am banning myself from clothes shopping any more as there has just been so much good stuff, haha :) Oh and tell me about it! Autumn is the most perfect season :) xx


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