Durance: A French fragrance Company of affordability and luxury

Hello my lovelies! Today's post is something a little different and I shall be exploring and telling you all about this hidden gem I found on my delightful little holiday to France. Above is my beautifully delicate, fresh verbena eau de toilette I purchased from a quaint little french homeware shop in the village of Port Grimaud. Upon request of an Instagram liker they wanted to know more about the brand Durance and, seen as I knew little myself about the brand, I took on the challenge of getting to know the ins and outs of this delightful french company. Therefore just to clarify this post is completely and utterly not sponsored however simply produced out of pure interest of new found admiration for one of the most delightful fragrance companies I have ever stumbled across.
"The Art of Living and the Art of Earth" is the companies slogan, which I feel perfectly encompasses the gracefulness and speciality of this hidden gem of a brand! 

(Durance, 2014)
The Company's History
Durance's products, produced by the Ruth family, were first sold in Le Lavandin de Grignan (The Lavendar of Grignan) during the late 90's and in 1999 the company expanded their product line based around natural products and began selling their products internationally. As demand for their unique and beautiful products grew the company expanded their place of production and the Ruth family's son, Mr Nicolas Ruth, took over lead of the business with the intention of further expanding their product range and the natural content of the company's products.
By the late 2000's the Ruth family business began opening "boutiques ... in France and worldwide" (Our story, 2014). By 2009, quite sentimentally and coincidentally, Durance created their "first lavender collection ... made with Grignan organic lavender essential oil" similarly to the iconic community of Grignan where the Ruth family first began selling their delicate and beautiful natural scented products (Our story, 2014).

Their Philosophy
Durance have an expansive, thoughtful and cherishing philosophy that not only encompasses the brand its self but the art of the creation of their products, fragrances, the rich history of the provence their natural brand began in, the community of Grignan and the importance and preservation of nature.

Durance define three main values and principles to the art of living, with these being:

  • "Refinement, taste details that ennoble life" - treasuring the little things in life and ensuring that the little pieces that bring together their products are handcrafted with love and detail,
  • "Serenity and harmony with nature" - living a life that is peacefully in balance with nature and enjoying its beauty in day-to-day life, and
  • "Pleasure to agree a time beneficial for oneself" - prioritising and making time for yourself to indulge a little and relax.
(The art of living and the art of land, 2014)

They also have four main values and principles relating to the art of the earth:

  • "The requirement of exceptional varieties" - using expert knowledge to pick natural ingredients of quality and efficiency,
  • "Respect the Earth Time" - obtaining the natural essences of their products in correlation with the ingredient's natural cycle of growth,
  • "The art and the way" - working with ingredients efficiently and wisely to ensure their maximum performance and efficiency in their products, and
  • "Nature at wellness service" - combining the natural ingredients of their products to make natures fragrances that provoke delightful emotions.
(The art of living and the art of land, 2014)

Durance also have a Naturalness Charter in which all their products and practices follow:

  • "Constituted of at least 95% natural ingredients,
  • Without parabens,
  • Without phenoxyethanol,
  • Without sodium laureth sulfate
  • Without silicones, and
  • Refusal to test on animals."
(Our naturalnass charter, 2014)

They also value quality craftsmanship and the details of each product, from wick to ribbon, are handcrafted onto each product. Essential natural ingredients of Durance's products are also sourced from the local community.

Their Products
Durance sell a variety of products which are not only very reasonably priced for such elegant and regal products but, as mentioned previously, they’re also not tested on animals and contain at least 95% natural ingredients.
For the home they offer a plethora of fragrance disfusing products, from 4-wick candles, to classic jars and the cutest of mini jars, reed diffusers and dainty pillow sprays.
They also offer a face and body range, consisting of oils, eye cream, body moisturiser, shower creams, post shave balms, lip balms, body lotion, soaps, cleansing foams, facial moisturiser and bath salts, appealing to both men and women.
And seen as Durance has such a wide range of natural and beautiful products to offer they also have an expansive collection of gift sets tailored to specific scents, perfect for a special present or a complete indulgence of your favourite scent!
Oh and for those of us who also have a slight obsession with all things Christmas they also have a scented candle advent calendar. I mean, you can’t go wrong really!
I must say Durance is a company new to me however I am so delighted someone asked me to tell them more about this brand and its history as I feel enriched by what I have learnt about Durance as a company and delighted with my special find of such a unique and thoughtful company who create the most sweetest and ‘floral, wrap yourself in a blanket by the fire, with an chocoholic hot chocolate and your cat curled up next to you while it rains outside’ kind of products.

I hope that I have been able to open your eyes to such a wonderful and magic company of fragrance and hope you enjoyed this little post! 

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