Spooky Kitty: Halloween Cat Tutorial

Spook-tacular greetings my mystical ones! Today's post is a super simple, easy and effortless cat makeup tutorial that would be perfect for strutting your stuff at a Halloween party or just to unleash your inner sassy cat. Below I have listed a few special items you will need to recreate this purr-tastic look and then listed the makeup items I used to pull, or should I say swipe, this look together. Lets gets those paws ready for action my lovelies!

Extra special items (you will need):

  • A doily
  • Paper/ cardboard cutout cat mask
  • A pencil
  • Scissors
  • Black face paint

Firstly we need to make our lace mask stencil. Print a cutout cat mask off the internet, whatever shape you desire, and cut out the mask, eye holes and all. Now trace both the outline of the mask and eyes onto your doily of choice. All is left now is to cut out the doily cat mask, following the outline you just traced. And there you have it my lovelies, one lacy cat mask stencil.

Base and Face

  • Primed using the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm
  • Coloured corrected any red spots with the NYX HD Concealer in green
  • Applied the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in Porcelain with my damp Beauty Blender, ensuring to cover my lips and conceal them
  • Concealed under the eyes with the NYX HD Concealer in porcelain and blended out using my trusty Beauty Blender
  • Baked under eyes with loose powder (any will do) and used the Beauty Blender as my applicator
  • Gently patted a light dusting of Rimmel Stay Matte Powder all over my face to keep those oils at bay

The Lace Mask

  • Position doily/ lace mask on face and hold down one side at a time (a pair of spare hands may be useful here to hold the mask in place however I managed just about with my own two hands :))
  • Apply matte black eye shadow to a fluffy brush and pack over mask, especially over the holes in the mask
  • Repeat on the other side of your face
  • Remove mask and viola! One lace mask effect cat face


  • Primed the eyes with the Urban Decay Eden Eyeshadow Primer and set with powder using a large fluffy brush
  • Blended rust from the Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Mattes Palette (a pale warm brown toned eyeshadow) into and above my crease, using a large fluffy brush, as my transition shade
  • Then packed on one layer of Tanya Burr's loose pigment shadow in stary night on my lid, followed by a second layer
  • Now swipe that baking powder away from under your eyes using a fluffy powder brush
  • With my Zoeva 227 brush I then smoked rust under the lower lash line, followed my a more precise smudging of the matte black eyeshadow just under the lower lash line again using a pencil brush
  • Curled my lashes using the Kiko Eyelash Curler and applied two generous coats of the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara to my top and bottom lashes

Lips and Details

  • I slightly dampened an angled brush and dabbled it in my black face paint, which I then traced a heart shaped nose onto the tip of my nose
  • Now I followed the point of the heart shaped nose down the septum and through the middle of my cupids bow using a little more black face paint to create a straight line that reached the top of my lip.
  • Here is where I used a little more of that black face paint to outline the top half of my upper lip, flicking out the edges to create an almost moustache effect (because cats have little furry moustaches right?! I promise I'm not mad.) 
  • To finish the look I used a fuchsia lip crayon from Ted Baker to draw some petite heart shaped lips, filling just the centre of my own lips

And the you go my lovelies. One sassy ass kitty cat ready to sashay their way through Halloween. Oh and feel free to add a sprinkle of whiskers or freakishly feline eye liner with some black face paint or liquid liner of choice.

Paws and claws,
Ellie x


  1. this is brilliant! you must have an awful lot of patience xx

    Soph | sophiejc.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Oh my gosh thank you so much lovely, that really does mean a lot to me! :D My greatest apologies for only just getting you comment. Oh gosh I'm not sure but I do try, haha :) Anything I love I can spend all day doing. Makeup, chocolate all that kind of stuff, haha :) Thanks lovely :) xx


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