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*Diclaimer - the pictures on my phone are displayed on Pinterest, on my Eye Looks board. They aren't mine, they were posted and created by other individuals hence credit goes to them for the images displayed on my phone.

Bonjour lovelies! So seen as the months are flying by faster than I can blink I decided to compile all my current favourites into one celebratory post! Hope you enjoy :)

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Now my skin is getting much clearer I'm adoring that dewy glow, which actually looks healthy now as opposed to oily. Rimmel's Wake Me Up has the perfect medium, build-able coverage to sit lightly on my skin and still blur out the majority of my acne scarring. It also looks flawless when applied with my Beauty Blender and makes me beam, both in terms of skin and smiles. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer
Rimmel seem to be bringing it when it comes to base products at the moment, or should I say as always! Although a heavier concealer, this pot based product is creamy enough to blend seamlessly yet still delivering a high coverage. Whether its redness, scaring, creating a base on your eye lids or carving out your eye brows this concealer can achieve it all!

Johnson's Baby Powder
I'm not going to lie, I have converted to baking and I'm never looking back! Whether it comes to under eyes or cakes I adore baking and I feel it's greatly improved the longevity of my makeup. So much so I would never skip it in my base routine now. Seen as it requires a fair bit of product I have been using, and loving may I add, using baby powder for baking. It does the job perfectly and leaves me with a pleasing under eye area and massively helps to combat those oily areas. For a couple of pounds and the amount of product you get using baby powder for baking is great value for money and works just fabulously for me.

Sleek Face Form Palette
I swear this blush and contour palette is fit for a princess. From the products I have tried, Sleek deliver the most incredibly pigmented and pretty powder products. I'd pretty much say some of the best in the drugstore. This palette has lasted me for many a month (maybe 2 years, yikes!). The contour shade, perfectly shadow-like, with a touch of warmth. It's like a two-in-one bronze and contour! The blush, rich, pink-y and fresh, with a regal gold glow. And my ultimate favourite, the dazzling highlighter. The blush and highlight are especially creamy for powders and all blend beautifully into the skin. Definitely a must have for me.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan
Oh my holy moly. Well I am well and truly in love with NYX makeup now after trying their Soft Matte Lip Creams. My best-est friend very kindly gave me the shade Milan, which is the most gorgeously vibrant yet gentle bright hot pink. It's definitely one to make a statement yet nothing too over powering that it's scary. I'm one to be a little fearful of a bold lip but this heavenly lip product has opened my eyes to the beauty of bright, bold colours and it's now one of my makeup bag favourites.

Crazy Rumors Gingerbread Lip Balm
Cruelty free, vegan, 100% natural and 100% amazing. Crazy Rumor's lip balms are honestly some of the best I have ever tried. They don't dry out your lips to demand for more to be applied constantly and instead they create a moisture plump barrier and nourish my lips perfectly. Oh and did I mention, they smell like sweat treats from heaven! I have no words; they are just perfect. I would highly recommend to all, especially those who love a scrumptious scented beauty product.

Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub
As you can probably tell I'm a big fan of sweet scents and Lush's Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub fits right in with all my sweet beauty dreams. I have only ever tried this and Lush's other Bubblegum Lip Scrub and, although I can't compare, they seem to work wonders on me. Applied, scrubbed and rinsed before my lip of the day, Lush's lip scrubs leave my lips silky soft, plum and juicy. I must say, sugar plum fairy has the edge for me as it stays true to its delightful scent for many months unlike the bubblegum offering. The more sweets the better I say! All in moderation; we can't go too wild.

Dr Organics Rose Otto Shampoo and Conditioner
In the past year or so my hair has been through it's worst phase. Although it's not drastic, my hair has been getting thinner and thinner and falling out in clumps here and there throughout the day. Recently however, I went back to washing my hair every other day, cut out dry shampoo completely and switched to more natural shampoo and conditioner and, to my absolute unsuspecting amazement, not only has my hair been barely falling out since using the Dr Organics Rose Otto Shampoo and conditioner it has left my hair the most nourished it has ever felt! Going back to washing my hair every other day I thought it would most certainly go dry, crazy and unruly but this shampoo and conditioner duo has literally made my hair the best it has ever been. The trust and bond I have with Dr Organics products now is pretty much unbreakable. 

Me an Pinterest are certainly in a long lasting relationship here. I'm unsure as to what it is I find so relaxing and therapeutic when it comes to browsing through pictures and organising beautiful images into little files but it certainly is one of my favourite things to do. What I also love is that Pinterest is creative and practical at the same time. Where one has a board for wedding dresses, one has a board for the tastiest and easiest vegan recipes. Try Pinterest. Trust me you will love it and never want to leave.

Homemade Smoothies
There is no denying, I have always been an avid smoothie fan and since travelling along the journey to a vegan diet smoothies are a must have for me. Iye, you may think health but oh no. They just taste amazing and happen to be healthy. That's the best kind of healthy right? With the help of my trusty partner Pinterest, I have been collating many the smoothie recipe and actually storing some as smoothie packs so I am fully prepared for my smoothie cravings. Did I mention how easy they are to make? All you need is fruit, a freezer, juice or milk (my personal favourite is oat as you may read momentarily) and a smoothie blender. When I'm feeling particularly fancy I also like to enjoy my homemade smoothies in a cute mason jar, like the ones I have pictured above, which were an absolute bargain from B&M.

My Travel Mug and Oat milk Tea
So we know I adore oat milk but combined it with tea and a cute travel mug and you are very much prepared to leave home with a full comforting brew. I have always loved tea, as do I with smoothies, and since making my little dairy free transition I have become one with oat milk. At first, the taste difference was minimal but then I actually started to prefer oat milk, which I never thought would happen. It's light yet with a delightful creamy taste in hot drinks and provides me with all my hot beverage comforts without the added spottiness. 

So there it is, a list of all my fancy favourites. I hope you enjoyed lovelies and let me know in the comments if there is anything you are particularly loving at them moment. Let's spread the love!

Ellie x


  1. I'm obsessed with all of NYX's products. Their lip cream in the shade London is my favourite!

    1. Aren't they just fab! Oooo I shall have to have a nosey at that shade! The soft matte lip creams are my fave! <3 Xx


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