Arm and Hammer Total Pro Clean and Repair Toothpaste Review

Hello my teeth whitening wonder-ers and beauty fanatics. Not necessarily the most glamorous of beauty products, but certainly an essential, is the humble toothpaste. I myself am currently on a little mission (as always) to find the perfect toothpaste to whiten my teeth and rebuild my enamel. Here therefore is the first of my little toothpaste reviews.

The Total Pro Clean and Repair Toothpaste is a baking soda toothpaste that claims to... 
  • gently whiten teeth, 
  • re-mineralise and strengthen teeth and protect against cavities with fluoride, 
  • maintain enamel with low abrasion, and 
  • leave a fresh minty scent.

It's key ingredient to its "magic" formula is stated to be active calcium.

So down to my personal thoughts on this little teeth sparkling product. Firstly, I didn't notice any scent nor flavour to this product. Certainly no minty-ness. Plain and slightly rough in texture compared to my usual Colgate. So much for the minty scent and low abrasion; oops!

After my initial couple of uses I really didn't notice any whitening or enamel improvement from using this product. Compare that to now when I have finished the tube and sadly I have still seen little improvements in my teeth apart from a minuscule hint of whitening, as you can tell from my tasty pictures. Haha :) It looks as though the whitening effect is much greater in the images but in real life, where I tend to flash my teeth off on a day-to-day smiley basis, I saw little change in their colour.

The tube lasted me around roughly one month, which personally I feel isn't very long but then again toothpaste longevity isn't one of my focus areas in life. You shall have to take that as it is for you lovelies and I vow to be more analytical and aware of my usual toothpaste usage.

Priced at £3.00 in Boots, currently (and quite often) half price, I don't think this toothpaste is on a regal price level but for its mediocre performance I think it is £3.00 I'd rather save for a Starbucks. I know I'm defeating the object with tea and coffee but girl gotta live that hot drinks life when girl feels the cold like a balding polar bear! 

Over all I don't feel this toothpaste met many of its claims sadly as I experienced the smallest teeth whitening and no enamel rebuilding and found the product plain in scent and slightly more abrasive than my usual toothpaste, in texture. Maybe the product may have needed to be used for a much longer period of time and continuously for dramatic effects but for now I am not overly impressed. 

My apologies to the Arm and Hammer toothpaste creators but this one just wasn't for me and my teeth. Thanks for reading lovelies! 

Ellie x