Sleek Make Up Face Form Reveiw

Bonjourno lovelies. Excuse me, the weather is delightful and I'm feeling tropical! [I understand France may not be exactly tropical but I like to be inclusive of all wonderful things in life :)] If I hazard a guess, you may have popped here for a little Sleek contour and blush palette review and that my friends, is what I shall bring to you.

Sleek's contouring and blush palette is a trio of the classic contour, blush and highlight, tailored to fair skin. Together the powders aim to highlight and chisel the cheek area to create definition.

Upon my first encounter with this pretty palette I was astonished with the creamy, buttery-ness of each of the powder portions. For a drugstore product, the powders feel of gorgeous quality and likewise is the sturdy, yet sleek ;) and chic packaging. Unlike some drugstore bronzers, this contour kit is pretty much scentless so there is no need to worry about sickly sweet smells upon application. However a classy, perfume-esque scent may possibly make this product feel even more luxurious and even possibly high end.

For application, I prefer to use an angled blush brush for the blush, the Real Techniques setting brush for the highlight and either my angled blush brush or mini Benefit box blush brush to apply the contour. I find the angled blush brush perfect in density to grab plenty or the creamy blush and its gold sheen and soft enough to diffuse the product. Because it is highly pigmented, those who are a bit fearful of a post workout blush may prefer the delicacy of a duo fibre brush. For the highlighter I have never used any fan brush or any other brush than my Real Technique's setting brush for that matter because it is just the perfect shape to glide across the high points of the face with a gentle density to distribute the glow naturally. For contour I am torn. In terms of blend-ability I much prefer using the angled blush brush yet sometimes I can, with luck, master my chisels with the box brush. All in all I would recommend an angled blush brush for the best application of the contour as it blends deliciously but just be careful not to apply too much as, like the other powders, it is also highly pigmented.

As I have mentioned previously, these powders blend delightfully into the skin however they are highly and beautifully pigmented. I therefore blend with little product and build it cautiously. From the blush and contour I usually sample a mere two light dabbles and that does the job perfectly. Similarly, you don't need much dabble in the highlighter too to get a delightful glow however I must confess, I do like to go ham with the highlighter. However I never seem to be able to over do it with this wonderful highlighter! Glows all around!

With these luxuriously pigmented powders I achieve the most princesses-esque colour pay off. For my Caspar the Ghost Complexion, the contour shade adds a very natural, slightly warm toned shadow. The highlight is perfectly diamond gold in colour and beams for miles off! An the blush. What can I say. It is simply beautiful. The most richest baby pink with the most regal of warm golden sheen you ever did see. [I'm so cringed that I just said "you ever did see". Who am I?] If I was being a tad picky, I would love it if the contour shade was a fair bit more cool toned as sometimes it can look a little to bronzer-like compared to a natural shadow.

From my many years of experience with this product, these powders really do last all day. And by that I mean your contour will still be contouring, your blush will still be poppin' and your highlight will still be glowing up until the end of the day! Not 100% as when applied first thing but around 98% still there and with the 2% on fading being from the breakdown of my foundation. I have actually tried the blush on no makeup days and can safely say, and presume for the other two powders, that it really does stay put, as applied, all day.

Following my little hint from up above, [brace yourselves makeup use-by-date fanatics], I have actually had this product for near enough 3 years! Oh and I have only just hit pan on the highlight, which I dabble like mad at, this year! So I can safely tell you that although being a touch pricier at £9.99, you will almost certainly get your money's worth out of this product. I really cannot majorly fault this product, bar desiring a little more cooler tones in the contour shade. It really has cemented its self as one of my holy grail products that I would actually say I would feel a little bit lost without. Sleek's Face Form Palette most certainly chisels and defines my face and does so in the most gracefully and beautifully of ways. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

Ellie x