Back to School Hairstyles

Exciting good day's lovelies. Now I know the phrase back to school can provoke fear in some but let me assure you, these are some of the best years of your life and yes not every school day may be rose-y however some of my best memories in life are from being with my friends in school and I can't lie, I do miss it a tad! Anyhow, on another positive and exciting note, going back to school in September was always an exciting period in the year where I anticipated to show of my new looks (probably a full fringe) and to see everyone else's new look. And in true spirit of this anticipation and excitement I have put together five different, easy-to-do hairstyles, perfect for a variety of lessons and some with extra hold for everyone's favourite lesson, P.E. I also won't lie, P.E was actually one of my favourite lessons! That may or may not have had something to do with all of my friends being in the same class as me, flying shuttlecocks and tennis balls with my best friend into many a garden and up the sports hall ceiling and the sheer excitement of trampoline and ping pong weeks!

Here's a run down and brief step-by-step of the five looks.

Double Fishtail Braids
Don't fear the fishtail! I am pants at anything to do with hair and I promise you after a few tries you will have it in no time. It is just like learning to do a plait. 
  • For these double braids, section your hair into two equal partings, whether that's down the middle or to the side. 
  • Bobble one side up while you attempt your first braid to make things a little easier. 
  • Position and scoop your hair behind or over your ear, however you prefer to have it normally, and then spilt the braid into two even chunks. 
  • From the side of the left chunk, take a small section of hair about as thick as a pencil. 
  • Simply bring it over the left chunk of hair it came from and into the middle, between the two chunks of hair. 
  • Now with your other hand, holding the right chunk of hair, take the pencil sized piece of hair and add it to the right chunk. 
  • Repeat exactly the same steps but this time by taking a piece from the side of the right chunk of the hair. Again, over the chunk of hair it came from, into the middle between the two chunks and then add it to the opposite chunk of hair. 
  • As you work your way down, the pencil sized pieces of hair should begin to overlap each other.
  • Also feel free to stop and tug on the edges of your braid to make it chunky because that certainly looks awesome!
  • Finish off the braid by tying it with a bobble of choice at the end and repeat on the other side of your head to achieve the full look.
  • Oo, and I also just pulled out two tiny little wispy bits of hair from above my ears to make the look a little less polished and a little more cuter.

Halo Braid
This one is a super easy and effortless look that is perfect to jazz up any hair-down day.
  • To begin, take two sections of hair, about the width of a £2 coin, from above and behind your ear. Plait width however is a personal preference so feel free to mix it up!
  • Then, bobble these two sections at the front of your face to create a sort of beard. And viola! Look complete! 
  • Only joking there peeps :)
  • Once tied out of the way, scoop back the rest of your hair into mid to high pony tail and tie up.
  • Now take the bobble out of your "beard" and simply plait each section of hair on either side of your head and tie off with clear or hair coloured elastics.
  • To achieve the halo, take one plait over the head to create a headband-like shape and pin it at the side of your head with two bobby pins, in a cross. This will secure the look.
  • Do exactly the same with the other plait, pinning and hiding the end of it behind the first plait.
  • Then simply let the rest of your hair down and you are good to go.

The (Polly Pocket) Pony Tail
Don't harm your hair with heat; embrace the poof!
  • Section away your desired fringe and brush the rest of your hair back into a high pony tail that sits just at the crown of your head.
  • Bobble up and gently pull the hair in the pony tail upwards and outwards to achieve your desired poof.
  • Then for fellow side fringe people, pin your fringe double crossed bobby pinned behind your ear and take the remaining dangling hair back and upwards to your pony tail. Then simply wrap the remaining hair around your pony tail and pin securely in place.
  • For full fringe beauties, simply style your fringe as you would normally and take a piece of hair from you pony tail and wrap it around and pin in place securely.

Classic Bunches
Minus the fringe-y bits this was my go-to classic primary school hair style that my mum alwaysss did for me.
  • Begin by sectioning off a small side fringe and an equal chunk of hair on the opposite side of your fringe and once again bobble these at the front of your face. (You can either have them as a beard or a unicorn horn. Take your pic however I do recommend the beard as the unicorn horn will skew your view).
  • Then part the rest of you hair straight down the middle, to the nape of your neck.
  • Loosely bobble up one side whilst you work on the other.
  • Scoop your chosen section up into a bunch, with your brush, to about the back diagonal point of your head.
  • Bobble up and tug the bunch of hair gently upwards to achieve desired poof.
  • Let down the other side and repeat the same steps to achieve your second bunch.
  • Finally, release your beard or unicorn horn (fringe sections) and either leave them flowing or place them behind your ears to finish the look.

Bun and Bow
Now I'm fully aware this may not be everyone's cup of tea and I'm not sure if I had the self-confidence to wear this and be so utterly myself in high school (don't worry it will come!) however it is certainly a style I would love to sport now. Cute but with the perfect sprinkle of class and elegance.
  • Section away your fringe and then scoop up the rest of your hair with a brush to a very high pony tail. Literally sitting on the very top of your head, yet not too far forward.
  • I then used a roll-up bun tool to roll my bun into place but if your don't have one of these simply use a hair doughnut or style your own bun!
  • Pin the bun in place securely and all around.
  • Now pin your fringe, if you have a side fringe, behind your ear and either swoop the remaining hair up to and around your bun and pin in place or leave dangling.
  • Then, for the piéce de résistance, take a clip-in bow of your choice and clip it to the very bottom and front of your bun and position it in your desired place. I preferred to leave a little of my bun showing above the bow.
And there my friends are my five easy hair styles for any back to school occasion. I know these are not the pinacle of hairstyles out of the many on the web but if you do give any a try then I cannot tell you how much I would love to see your creations so please do not hesitate to send me a picture on Instagram or Twitter! Have a wonderful back to school if you are going and enjoy all the flippin' fun!

Ellie x


  1. Great post, you've got such amazing hair!!xxx

    1. Oh loveliest Alice, thank you ever so kindly! :) I'm glad you liked the post. I'm lucky these pictures turned out half decent as only I could apply too much coconut oil the night before doing my first ever hair based blog post and end up with slightly greasy hair, haha :) Xx


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