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Well good day lovelies! Upon finding Rachel's (Floral Beauty Guru's) request to collab with fellow bloggers our creative beauty based minds and acquaintance-ship flourished and together we came up with a marvellous and rather exciting new collab tag post idea! An here I am presenting to you the 'Blogger Babble'. The tag involves collaborating with another fellow blogger and asking each other 20 questions based on one chosen specific theme, with our first ever Blogger Babble theme being all about getting to know each other. Each blogger then posts the questions their fellow blogger gave to them and their unique answers. Then feel free to tag other blogging friends at the end of your post to join in on the fun, buddy up and do their own Blogger Babble collab. Lighthearted as it is, the idea behind the Blogger Babble collab tag is to create a means of getting to know each other in the blogging community, get chatty and create some blogging buddies and make the community more social! So, without further a do, I present to you my delightful and gratefully received questions from Rachel and my personal answers! 

P.S Don't forget to mention and link your fellow blogger at the end of the post (if you fancy a crack at this) and direct your lovely readers to their Blogger Babble questions and answers post.

Rachel's (Floral Beauty Guru's) Questions to me:

1. What was the first makeup item you ever bought?

Oh holy moly that was many a moon ago but I'm pretty sure it was a lipstick and, more than likely, a No.7 lipstick. It was most probably a warm rose-y pink shade as I was following in my mother and nan's footsteps and lipstick was the only makeup item I was allowed to wear under about the age of 10!

2. Who is your blogger inspiration?

Again such a tricky one because there is so many outstanding, unique and sweet bloggers out there in the blogging community. My personal favourite niche would have to be a mix of the classic bloggers from the good ol' late 2000's, those who are down to earth and live a similar life to myself (there are no balcony's or palm trees where I live!) and those who are mainly makeup based with hints of fashion and lifestyle. In a list off a sporadic handful of the tip of my brain (because I am aware of my dreadful rambling now) I would have to say,

  • Zoella
  • Pint Sized Beauty
  • Floral Beauty Guru (I really do mean that Rachel!)
  • Katy Tallulah
  • Zoe London
  • Gemma Louise
  • In The Frow
  • Kate La Vie
  • Fleur De Force
  • The Anna Edit [I still remember her as Vivianna Does Makeup :')
Forgive me if I have missed out any other fabulous ones!

3. What's your favourite blog post you have ever written?

This is also a challenging one as I love writing all my blog posts but if I'm being strict and HAD to pick one I would have to say my new years resolutions posts. Yes, I'm aware that is two but they go hand in hand, haha. Firstly I love writing lists and find it highly therapeutic and secondly there is just something so exciting about turning over a new leaf, getting ready to start the new year and setting amazing positive goals for the future to come. Although I might not achieve them all, it really sets me on track for the year ahead (I'm a slow person so don't think I am some miraculous goal achiever) and helps me to improve myself to become a better person in many different ways and I love that!

4. What's your favourite high end and drugstore brand?

High end I would have to sayyyyy MAC, which is awful because I don't think they are cruelty free :'( but as I bob along my makeup journey I am really starting to delve into more Urban Decay products and have really been enjoying them. Especially so their eye shadows! Not to mention, I believe they are cruelty free :) For drugstore I think I would have to choose Rimmel (again another poo poo brand on the cruelty free :'( ) but now NYX has come to my local Boots I am likewise starting to explore and adore their brand also (a cruelty free brand!).

5. Any tips for writing blog posts?

Give yourself time to blog. Whether it's your hobby or your job the most important thing is that you enjoy it and it makes you happy and you can't make beautiful content and love your posts if you are continuously stressing about them and pushing them to the side. Prioritise what makes you happy! And for that, write what ever the holy moly makes you happy! You don't need a set theme. Your theme is what you love and that will shine through brighter than any theme.

6. Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Career-wise, I would like to say in a community based job that gives me the freedom to blog and pursue my many lovely hobbies surrounding my blog too. I would most certainly love to have a little place of my own with a little someone of my heart ;) (you know who you are!) and with at least one rescue cat. I would also love it if my blog was a little more out there. Not necessarily popular or mahusive. Just out there enough that I could maybe blog and earn a little piece of my living from it but most important with a little plethora of lovely regular readers who comment on my posts and we all have frequent beauty, blogging and life chats! I would also be reassured if I could be in a area close to a good place of vegan cake supplies.

7. How do you keep motivated?

Definitely taking a break when I feel demotivated. I don't know what it does but taking a break from some of my hobbies seems to almost re-calibrate me and help me to rekindle my love for them again. As for other life things, like jobs and health, it's usually focusing on my long-term goals and breaking journeys down into small pieces.

8. How often do you buy new makeup?

Seen as I have a rather hefty supply of makeup for a person with a singular face and no one else to practise on, I don't tend to buy new makeup very frequently. I say maybe a foundation, concealer, powder or mascara about every four to six months.

9. If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be?


10. What's a makeup tip you couldn't live without?

Prime your eye lids. It's a flippin' massive game changer! Also, blend above your crease if you have hooded eyes.

11. What's one thing you want to do before the end of the year?

Have a small gathering of blogging buddies that we chat together frequently, read and enjoy each others blogs and leisurely comment on each others posts. Not forced; just simply a lovely little circle of blogging friends.

12. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

The freedom of writing! I am so pants at English and hated it academically because I felt so restricted and depressed by marking and grades. I find it the most joyous of hobbies writing about all the things I love and sharing it with lovely people. Meeting so many lovey people with similar interests to myself is also rather exciting and really warming.

13. Sum up your 2017 in one word.


14. Do you watch YouTube and, if so, who is your favourite YouTuber?

Holy moly yes and holy moly Zoella!

15. What's your favourite and least favourite thing about the YouTube beauty community?

Favourite is all the OG British YouTubers from the Late 2000's and least favourite is definitely bullies on YouTube, including some vegan bullies. I think its totally wrong and the wrong way to go about spreading any message and it only adds to the negatives in the world instead of spreading positivity.

16. Are you into fashion and, if so, what are your staple items in your wardrobe?

I love fashion and have done from a young age and would have to say my dresses and pinafores as I am certainly a girly girl at heart.

17. What phone do you have and what is your favourite app on it?

I think it is the IPhone 5s although I'm not sure because I am quite the IPhone noob! At the moment, it has to be Pinterest.

18. Tips on taking good Instagram pictures?

I am not sure as I am also not very skilled in this field either but I would say find the best lighting possible without compromising on the natural colour saturation of the features of the photo. Also, use an IPhone for good instant Instagram pictures. It is the best phone camera I have come across yet. Oh, and don't be afraid to take 10,000 pictures to get the perfect shot. Just make sure you delete the unused ones afterwards otherwise sentimental organisation-loving peoples like myself end up with an annoying backlog of the same pictures of some autumnal leaves that you can't bare to part with but stress that it is taking up all my memory space!

19. What is one quote that inspires you?

"Let all you do be done in extraordinary love"
Corintians 16:14

20. Where do you see your blog in the next five years?

Hopefully with a little bigger following but most importantly with some lovely active readers/ blogging buddies who follow my blog and leave the occasional comment and end up engaging in some fabulous comment feed chats with myself. I blog because I enjoy the activity and it brings me joy and not with any money based or freebie motives but it would be lovely if I could earn just a small little income from my blog so that I could simply spend half my working time on another amazing life activity I adore as well as doing others I enjoy.

Thank you for taking your precious time to read our little post creation lovelies but what would be the biggest thanks in the world would be if you could all be marvellous and hop over to Rachel's blog ( right this flippin floppin second and delve into the wonders of her blog and give her a fantabulous follow! Here is also the link to her Blogger Babble post ( I cannot believe Rachel has only been blogging for about a year as her blog writing ethic, schedule and post ideas are truly those of a long-time professional blogger. All her posts are lighthearted and fabulous to read. Everything a beauty addict could dream of! She is also the sweetest of peas I have met along my blogging journey, with an eye for beauty-holic, eye catching photography that flourishes throughout her blog and Instagram account. I feel blessed to have met Rachel and am excited for our journey ahead as blogging buddies! :D

For more delights from the lovely  Rachel, here are all her social media platforms so you will never miss her perfect posts!

Instagram: @floralbeautyguru
Twitter: @floralbeaauty
Snapchat: Floralbeautygur
Bloglovin: Floralbeautyguru

Ellie x


  1. Absolutely loved this poat! What a lovely idea, I'm in exactly the same boat as you as a fellow blogger. I would love to make some close blogging friends. Happy to chat. My instagram is- tumblr_.girl16 We follow each other and I would love to chat more. Erin xx

    1. Aaaa, I'm so glad you liked it Erin! I love getting-to-know-people-posts; it's a good one for introverts like myself I find. Haha :) Yes I have got you on my Instragram messages now so let the chatting commence! I cannot wait :) I didn't tag anyone else at the end of our first Blogger Babble post because I thought it would be a lot for people to take in as it is but if I were to collab with someone on another Blogger Babble I would definitely ask some people if they wished to be tagged to do the post too because the response has just been so positive. By all means though, feel free to buddy up with someone you are familiar with in your blogging circle and have a go at doing the Blogger Babble: Blogger Introductions! Xx


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