Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette Review and Make Up Looks

Hello there my fellow makeup palette collecting addicts! Today I have prepared a rather in depth review of a nifty little palette option from the holy grail of makeup palette creators, Urban Decay. I swooned over the Naked on the Run Palette when I very, very, very gratefully received this from my very generous boyfriend and his family. Year on year this palette never fails to hit the mark and tie in with all the trends and it will forever have a special place in my heart for one being my very first ever Urban Decay makeup product and two for being from my very much loved lovely! <3

The Naked on the Run Palette is a compact full face palette, that gives both a selection of shadows and a contour and a blush, along with a mix and match highlight/ shadow, mascara, a dark brown toned pencil eye liner and a neutral, pink toned lip gloss. Together the compartment of products claims to give you a naked makeup look wherever and whenever.

With the powder products there is both a mixture of matte and decadently shimmery. The eye shadows boast a more creamy formula whereas the contour, blush and highlight are a touch more powder-y [which may be a clever trick, preempting the oiliness of cheeks compared to eye lids on occasion]. The mascara has a wet yet sticky texture and the gloss alike but much smoother. Like it's close relatives in this palettes, the eye pencil is also perfectly creamy, meaning easy application without the tugging, eye poking or crying. All the products in this palette are pretty much scentless, bar the lip gloss and oh boy is it a scent. Although some may find sickly, the lip gloss flaunts the most scrumptious of marzipan scents which really does last for an hour or so once applied to the lips. Overall, I think the quality of the products in the palette is pretty much of it's high end status but especially so the eye shadows and lip gloss. I mean these are Urban Decay shadows we are talking about!

Starting with the powder products, I find the eye shadows and highlighter apply beautifully with all eye brushes. They live up to their world class reputation. The blush also applies perfectly with my one and only angled blush brush, which I use with all my blushers. For the contour shade, I prefer to use a more diffused brush, like my angled blush brush, because it's lighter yet fairly warm tone blends beautifully into the skin when diffused more so than chiselled into the hollows of the cheeks. With the mascara I had a little trouble on my first few applications, small eye space problems however. Because the brush is quite large and product quite wet, I would suggest applying gently and cautiously, building up thin coats, little by little until you achieve your desired lash. Wiggling will be your friend and it could get a little clumpy between the lashes. For the eyeliner I prefer to apply it to just my top lash line because it looks a little harsh on my waterline, despite being a brown liner. I blend it roughly on the top lash line as it's quite difficult to be precise with it, due to it's creaminess and slight patchiness. Although not the most precise, the eye liner also creates a pretty decent wing for a pencil. To finish of the naked look, I find the generous, plush doe foot applicator perfect to deliver an even yet full gloss.

You can really feel the quality of these products as soon as you begin application because only a small dabble is required of most of the products. The lip gloss, shadows and blush are especially pigmented and I found it best to apply small amounts of colour and build from there to achieve my desired yet blended looks. The highlighter is equally pigmented but not in the best of ways as it gives off and orange vibe on my pale as paper skin, which means sadly it is not the most flattering of everyday or "naked" highlighters for me. Although I am always one for a good eye shadow, the lip gloss really tugs at my little makeup dreamy heart strings in this palette. It is pigmented enough to provide an infusion of colour yet glossy enough to give the most delightful bitten effect on the lips. A really perfect "naked" lip gloss in my opinion.

Warm, rose-y and fresh yet rich are the base undertones in this palette and each colour complements another so beautifully yet so uniquely. You can really get creative with the shades in this palette, making it excellently versatile yet still wearable, and friendly for those who are fearful of colour. In terms of blend-ability the palette is fab yet it does vary from product to product. My top blenders are the eye shadows [which we are all fully aware of the dreaminess of blending a classic Urban Decay shadow], blush, contour and lip gloss. Not quite meeting the mark for me however sadly was the mascara, eyeliner and highlight shade. For myself, I found the mascara to be quite clumpy until it dried a little, then it offered a more fanned out effect which was much more elegant! For the eyeliner, it was fairly patchy post-blending and lost a lot of it's opacity. When applied messily to the top lash line the dark brown shade of the eyeliner is one of he most beautifully complimentary colours for brown or hazel eyes. Finally, the highlight, which is fairly orange toned, looks a little streaky on me and, again, I feel this due to my super pale skin not boding well with the orange-y undertone of this powder.

As with all the well acclaimed Urban Decay eye shadow palettes, the shadows in this palette last perfectly all, day, long! The blush, contour and highlight also last pretty well throughout the day but not on the level of untouchable the eye shadows achieve. The eyeliner is one of the weaker products in the palette longevity-wise sadly and it fades and smudges fairly throughout the day, leaving a bit of the dreaded panda eyes. I must say however it is quite to persistent product to remove when I come to take my makeup of, with both makeup remover, micellar water and cleansing oil! For the mascara, although it provides an exquisite fanned-out look to the lashes once the formula is a little drier, it did tend to droop and crumble pretty badly. It was also quite the smudgy under eye mascara on me sadly. For the lip gloss I'd say it last pretty well good for your usual lip gloss. No lip gloss, or none that I think, would last hours perfectly put in place but this gloss really does give it a good go. The best part about the wear-ability of the gloss is that the colour maintains and still gives off that slightly bitten look for a good couple of hours.

So far, I have had my Naked on the Run Palette for 3 and a half years and it is still going strong, with not a pan hit in sight! The only product I ran out of rther swiftly was the mascara but within the usual two to three month life span of a mascara. I don't use the palette every single day but have had a good dabble and experiment with it over the years. (Where the hell does the time flippin' fly) I would therefore say, taking into account the product's excellent colour pay of and blend-ability, that this palette is a great investment that will last you a very long time! For a higher end price I think the is a certain value for money palette and if you can get your hands on it, due to it sadly being limited edition, I would say go for it if you are looking for a high quality, fun yet natural, long lasting, all-in-one makeup palette.

And now for the looks!

For both of the ensembles I used the contour, blush and lip gloss in all the usual places. On the pink-toned look I used the highlighter from the palette but for the classic winged liner look I used my trusted Sleek Face Form highlighter in fair, as you can tell from my bedazzling nose dazzle. On both looks, I also used a separate eyebrow powder and mascara.

To create the pink-toned eye look I blended a halo eye shape in the crease, with Fix as my transition shade and Dive as my crease shade. On the lid I applied 5050 (the highlighter). To finish, I blended Dive loosely under the lower lash line.

Building my more basic and classic winged liner look, I used Fix as my transition shade and Dare in the crease, blending of to a simply powdered base on the lid. For the winged liner I used my well-loved Soap & Glory Super Cat Liner.

And that my friends is my thoughts and creations from the Urban Decay Naked on the Run Palette. I apologise greatly that this product is limited edition but I hope that you enjoyed the post and maybe got a little inspiration from it or have miraculously found the palette to purchase somewhere in the beauty web. Let me know in the comments if you also are a fellow Naked on the Run Palette owner!

Ellie x


  1. This is such a gorgeous palette! I particularly love the pink-toned eye look you've done here. I like that this palette offers a bit of everything too, and how can anyone resist a gloss that smells of marzipan - YUM!

    Sarah x


    1. Oh lovely it is one of the best palettes I have ever come across! Urban Decay never fail to hit the mark in the palette department. And thank you very, very much! I used to be so fearful of wearing pink or red toned eye shadow as it really highlighted my redness however now my acne is much better and makeup game a little stronger 😹 I loveee experimenting with colours on the eyes. Pink is such a beautiful shadow shade I think and I love alternating the shade in different looks for different seasons 😸 Thank you so much for your comment Sarah; it means the world! 😸 Xx


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