Cinnamon Spiced Nail Tutorial

Autumnal hellos lovelies! Today's upload is a short and sweet post on how (I somehow) created this delicious cinnamon spiced nail look, perfect to match all the warm and cosy treats that come along with this gorgeous season. Just a reminder, I can't do nails and I promise you I have appallingly poor nail painting skills so I can assure you, if I can achieve this look, you guys can most certainly recreate it too! And probably a whole lot better than I can! So without further a do, I present to you my step-by-step instructions to achieving this nail look and a list of the products I used. <3

Products I used:

  • 17 Lasting Fix Polish in Forever
  • Black nail art pen (any will do)
  • M&S Autograph Polish in Gold Shimmer
  • Gold glitter (any will do)
  • Mini fluffy brush
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat

(Feel free to mix and match the shades and polishes to create your own beautiful twists on the look too! And if you do, don't forget to show me as I'd love to see your beautiful designs!)

  1. It's always best to start with a slightly dehydrated nail to help the look last so if you aren't wiping away any previous polish do a quick swipe of nail polish remover over each nail anyway, to create a tacky base for the polishes .
  2. As a seasoned pro in failure, I began with the most intricate nail. The ring finger nail. Start by applying one thin coat of your nude brown polish and allow to dry completely.
  3. Taking your black nail art pen, begin to drawn your drizzle shape by starting from the middle edge of your nail and tracing out a line of elongated waves to the middle edge of the opposite side of the nail. Almost like a very poor heart rhythm (bad describing at its worst :D).
  4.  Allow the wiggly line to dry completely.
  5. Once dry, carefully dot and paint in your shimmery gold shade from the peaks of the drizzle shape to the end of your nail.
  6. Allow this to dry for a good minute and then apply your quick dry top coat or allow to dry fully and apply your usual top coat of choice.
  7. Back to the other nails. Once your ring finger nail is completely dry, apply a thin layer of your nude brown polish to all your other nails and allow to dry completely.
  8. Get your glitter and fluffy brush at the ready now!
  9. Apply a second thin coat of the nude brown polish to all but your completed ring finger nail. BEFORE THEY DRY, immediately apply the glitter to each nail by dipping your fluffy brush in your glitter, aiming it above the lower half of your nail and tapping off the glitter. This should achieve the slightly gradiated look.
  10. Give the nails at least a good minute to dry and then carefully apply your quick dry top coat or allow the nails to dry completely and apply your normal top coat of choice.

And that my friends is how I achieved this cinnamon spiced inspired nail look, perfect to dazzle away whilst cradling your cinnamon spiced lattee, whilst wrapped in a cosy jumper, peering out onto a gloomy day. Ahhh dreamy <3 As I mentioned previously, I would loveee to see your recreations of this look if you have ago so don't hesitate to Tweet or Instagram me your beautiful nails. Until next time lovelies.

Ellie x