Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Makeup Tutorial

Good day my Halloween enthusiasts! Today's makeup look, as you may have already seen, is a tad different from my day to day makeup looks but highly apt for the spooky day creeping up upon us. Halloween! Now I'm quite the beginner when it comes to creating these spooky makeup transformations for Halloween so I'm aware this may not be the best look of 2017 out there however I can assure you,

  1. As I myself am a beginner in the Halloween makeup department it will be a bloody easy look to recreate and,
  2. It was so flippin floppin fun to do and, I won't lie, the best part was seeing my mum's face when she saw my face and flaunting it around the house all day like I really was Sally.

So experts or beginners alike, all those in need of a costume idea, anyone who adores The Nightmare Before Christmas and all those wanting to have a jolly good bit of fun in the makeup department please read on to find out how I achieved this nightmare of a look!

Extra makeup products you will need (things you more than likely won't have in your daily makeup bag) :

  • Pale blue face paint (I used - Grimas Water Make-up Pure in 302)
  • White face paint (I used - Smiffys Make-up FX in white)
  • Black face paint (I used - Smiffys Make-up FX in black)
  • Two face sponges (I used triangle ones which you can get from most drugstores and supermarkets)


  • I started the look off with the eyes because it was much easier to section this area of the look off and paint around it a little more neatly. Start by preparing and grabbing yourself a cup of water to dip your sponges in. Because we are going from lighter to darker colours it doesn't matter too much about any colour transfer in the water.
  • Start by applying some white eye liner to your water line. For this I used the ASDA George Satin Soft Khol Pencil in White however it's not the best so I would suggest using your usual favourite white eye liner or any other white eye liner option.
  • With the same eye liner pencil, now draw a semi-circle underneath each eye, starting from one corner of your eye and ending at the other corner.
  • Now, time for the face paint! Dampen your sponge in your water but make sure to wring it out well. You want it to be fairly damp but not soaking. Mix and swirl your sponge in your white face paint until you get almost like a paste consistency.
  • Now fill in the two semi-circles underneath your eyes by gently dabbing on the white face paint.
  • If this area is still quite sparse and patchy allow it to dry absolutely completely (this is absolutely crucial for layering the face paints otherwise applying another coat before the previous one is dry will cause the colour to be washed away completely) and then repeat the previous step, ensuring your sponge is not too damp.


  • It's time to get blue now my friends! Damped your sponge, not too generously, dabble in your blue face paint and apply all over your face and neck, absolutely everywhere but carefully avoiding the white semi-circles you have just painted underneath your eyes.
  • Again, if the blue base is looking a bit patchy allow it to dry completely and then, with a ever so slightly damp sponge, apply one more layer of blue face paint over the same area.


  • Once your blue base is completely dry you can now add your eyebrows. For this I used the shade Romance in Rome from the Sleek Vintage Romance Palette. It was the perfect dark blue shade to define the brows but blend in with the blue tones so any deep, dark blue shadow will do.
  • I applied the shadow quite heavily, with my Eco Tools slanted eyebrow brush, in a rounded and elongated shape that extended a little above and beyond the end of my natural eyebrows and with a rounded beginning point.


  • For the lashes I curled them and applied my usual mascara, the Rimmel Super Curler Mascara and then applied some falsies.
  • Now in the pictures above I used the Primark Very Fluttering lashes however the absolute most perfect lashes for this look, that look exceptionally Sally-like, are the Peaches and Cream No.19's. Fluttery, fanned out and extremely elongated. The reason I haven't used them here is because I am an idiot and used them for my trial run only to find that I had none left to use for the actual look :D so take my advice peeps. Peaches and Cream No.19's are the ones!
  • Leave your lower lash line bare because technically they are in your eye area (the white semi-circles you painted on before) so they would look a little unnatural with this look (yet another mistake I previously made :D).

Stitches/ details

  • Nearly there now! Get your sewing needles at the ready! I am only joking; please don't; all you need is your black face paint and the same slanted eyebrow brush you used previously.
  • Dip your brush in your water and have a good dabble with it in your black face paint. Repeat this each time your paint another detail on your face.
  • Begin by lining the whites of your eyes by painting a line around each white semi-circle underneath your eyes, from outer corner to inner corner. 
  • Now, on the right side of your face, draw a line from just below the top of your forehead to the middle of the top of your right eyebrow. Then continue the line on from the black line defining your white semi-circle underneath your right eye to your mid cheek.
  • For the second line simply draw a black rounded line from each corner of your lips to the far middle of your cheeks.
  • Now draw one long line across the middle of your neck.
  • To complete the stitches simply go back to each of the lines and draw on some smaller black lines across the long lines themselves to create a stitch-like effect.

Defining the nose

  • Because Sally appears to have quite a pinched nose I just went in with a slightly dark, greyish, shimmery blue toned shadow, MAC's mono eye shadow in the shade Tilt, and a fluffy slanted brush, the Kiko Eyes 201, to define and sharpen the nose.
  • All I did to achieve this was blend a touch of the shadow very thinly down the centre line of my nose, all the way to the tip and just below the tip to create a prominent point and slight upturn of the nose.
  • This then gives you the darker shadows and points that you can see on Sally's nose in pictures and the shimmer in the shadow highlights the points to bring them upwards and outwards. Any similar shadow is therefore perfect for this step however it is just crucial that it has a touch of shimmer in it to act as the highlight.


  • Last but not least, and probably the simplest of all the steps in the look, take any deep, dark berry toned lipstick and apply it to your lips. For this I used MAC's Amplified Creme Lipstick in Dark Side.

And if you have been recreating the look all the way along you should now look a little something like Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas! This was definitely a step out of my usual comfort zone for me but after a practice the look really did look recognisably resembling of the spooky gal herself a little! I really hope you enjoyed the post and I would loveeee to hear your costume ideas and plans for this Halloween so don't hesitate to comment down below and share all your 'spooktacular' thoughts!

Ellie x


  1. I love this look, great blogpost! I'm just staying in this Halloween so I haven't got a costume planned xx

    1. Aaaaa Alice I am madeeee up you like the post!!!! :D Especially coming from the photography queen herself! You should definitely do some photography tips posts if you ever considered it lovely! Your skills are incredible! You have honestly been my photography and Instagram picture inspo from the early days off Instagram :D I don't think I have ever told you that before (and to think all the chats we have had XD) but it needed to be said lovely! :) I haven't got anything planned either however I am planning to add a little Halloween-like touch to my makeup on Tuesday! Xx

  2. Love this make-up! The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite Halloween movies!

    Abigail Alice x

    1. :D Oh Abigail thank you ever so kindly :') I was quite self-conscious about the look because I'm really not up to the level of all this special effects, realistic horror makeup looks everyone is doing this Halloween but I thought it's better to start someone than to not start at all! Your comment has made my day; thank you :) . Isn't it just one of the best films ever! Definitely one to watch this Halloween! <3


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