Winter 2017 Lookbook

Hello my Winter fashion enthusiasts! Now this is no super high fashion absolutely perfect lookbook however it is still very much a collection of cosy little outfits that I will be wearing this Winter, incorporating some of the current seasonal trends. Be it forties blue or tonal colours there's a little bit of something for everyone and I really hope at least one of you lovely people gets a little inspiration, enjoyment or outfit ideas from my wee little post.

Now a lot of thing clothes featured in this post I have collected over the years and are no longer available, hence you may be thinking, why bother incorporating them into a lookbook? However, I am always one for saving money and enjoying the things I already have so what I love about putting together a lookbook of clothes I already have is the inspiration it gives to use similar pieces you already have in your wardrobe to create similar looks and to even just give a sparkle of inspiration for a new style or trend!

Let me know what trends and styles you are loving this Winter lovelies and don't forget to wrap up warm!

Ellie x


  1. Such a cute post! You look so lovely xxx

    1. Awwww Alice you are too kind :’) . I’m so glad you like to post! I really enjoyed making it but I’m going to do some more lookbook practise next time I have some good time off so I can really do some good trial and error and improve my skills! Xx


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