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Two words… doughnut pizza. I repeat… doughnut pizza!

To those who love cake, those who dream of crazy crammed doughnuts filled with Oreos and sprinkles and all things delightful, to the vegans with a sweet tooth and the non-vegans that just want their taste buds gracing, welcome to Miss Microphone Head Bespoke Treats! Since my love affair with The Blooming Skull Café began, I stumbled upon Helen’s dreamy treats when I saw them staking up on TBS’s Instagram. Naturally my immense excitement was unretainable when I saw that Helen was looking for local food bloggers to share the word on her crazy dream-worthy doughnuts. So, for the first time ever I gave it a shot because Helen’s business certainly encompasses what I love and, as you all know by now, I love to share the things I love with you lovelies! So, in return for a post Helen very kindly gave me a box, free of charge (the lord has blessed me!), of three of her bespoke vegan doughnuts. And an Instagram post just wasn’t enough because here I am ready to share with you what your taste buds need to experience! Below is a taste test of the three vegan doughnuts, a short summary of Helen’s bespoke service and a whole lot of delicious descriptive words from moi! Read on if you truly want to know where to find the most delicious doughnuts in the world to my heart!

Oreo Stuffed Pizza Slice

They usually say save the best till last however the Oreo stuffed pizza slice was just too enchanting to leave any longer to devour. And my goodness did I devour it! Tasting as decadently, luxuriously scrumptious as it looks, the Oreo slice had the perfect balance of sweetness. Especially so the icing! Not too sharp or sickly; just perfect enough to compliment the doughnut. What made it so enticing was its true sweet bakery scent. What also took me by very pleasant surprise was its weightiness too, as with all the doughnuts! They are certainly worth their weight in gold in taste! Texture-wise, the Oreo slice was excitingly crisp at the corners, whilst fluffy and airy on the inside. Also amazing me was that the sprinkled Oreos were freshly crisp and not soggy at all (a signature-soggy mark of my poor baking skills, oops)! The stuffed Oreos also added the perfect pop of flavour to the signature slice. As with all the doughnuts, every flavour of each component complimented each other beautifully. This was definitely my favourite out of the three just simply because of its little extra sprinkle of decedent wildness!

The Homer Doh!nut

Next in line for my taste buds was the classic Homer style doughnut. Forget the taste of any traditionally pink-iced doughnut you have ever tasted because this was pink-iced doughnut luxury on another level! What really resonated with me with the Homer doughnut was its perfect fine balance of sweetness. I’m all for a sugar-laden sweet-toothed dream but the Homer doughnut was perfectly delightfully tasting, without that sometimes sharp sweetness of your average pink-iced doughnut. And what also really set this classic apart from its average shop friends was its substantial portion, yet with the softest and fluffiest consistency. As with all the doughnuts, this was definitely a ten out of ten for me.

Mixed Berry Jam Doughnut

Again, just like the Homer doughnut, the berry jam offered the most gently delightful sweet taste. Definitely no overpowering as you can sometimes find the classic shop-bought doughnuts however with a whole lot of class too! The sugar coating and lightly crisp yet soft bun was dreamy. Complimented by a perfectly generous amount of gently sweet homemade-tasting berry jam. This is certainly the crème of the crop of the classic jam doughnuts for all those traditional sweet toothed friends out there.

Helen is located on the Wirral, in the north west of England, and she creates both vegan and non-vegan treats, including cakes, cupcakes, cake tubs, doughnuts and doughnut pizza boxes. To order Helen simply asks you to send her a message, be it Instagram or Facebook, to request your bespoke order and she can create personalised occasion cakes to her signature doughnuts. For those of you who live a little further out, fear not, Helen has just introduced her postal cake tubs this summer to deliver your choice of crazy cake flavour to your door, anywhere in the UK. Here are her social media links…

Instagram –  @missmicrophonehead

Facebook –  @missmicrophonehead

In all honestly, I have never tasted doughnuts like those I sampled from Helen and they were hand on heart my most favourite I have ever eaten. Helen has truly been the sweetest to talk to and I really admire the whole ethos of her brand. I hand on heart would love to (and certainly will) be purchasing a great selection of her doughnuts and cakes in the future for the celebrations to come because every bite was worth celebrating in my eyes. I hope you have enjoyed the post and know in your heart just how much I adore Helen's bakes and how genuinely passionate I am to share what were some of the most dreamiest treats I've ever tasted with everyone I can possibly reach! Happy munching sweet peas!

Ellie Xx


  1. These all look soo good! Love how she has a delivery service because I live further south. Loved the post x

    1. Najida that means the world and the moon to me that you like the pics so much! :D Thank you so kindly! Isn't it fab?! Helen caters for everyone :D . There's some divine looking flavours in the cake tubs too, like Cherry Coke, Peach Lemonade, Parma Violet and Birthday Party Oreo :O ! Xx

  2. I'm not a fan of doughnuts (I know, shocking!!!), but these all look and sound great. I'm sure my boyfriend and Dad would love these xx

    Lauren |

    1. Oooo I don’t even know if there’s a sweet thing I’m not a fan of :’D although I don’t like the taste of coconut! These are definitely extraordinary to any doughnut I’ve ever tasted! :D Thank you so kindly for the comment Lauren! :D Xx

  3. These look so tasty and they're really pretty too! I love anything with oreo in them. Can't believe they're vegan too, that's a plus.


    1. Aren't they incredible :O ? They taste as good as they look too I can assure you, haha! :D Honestly these are some of the best sweet/ dessert things I have ever tasted and I'm finding it so hard to resist ordering a box to spontaneously devour, haha :D ! Xx


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