5 Lip Shades for Summer

Swatches (left to right): Ted Baker gift set red shade; Unknown red lip gloss; MAC Chatterbox; NY City Girl Shine Bright Intense Colour Lip Gloss pink shade; NY City Girl Shine Bright Intense Colour Lip Gloss neon/ coral pink shade; The Body Shop shade 59; Seventeen Lip gloss sparkly hot pink shade; Ted Baker gift set berry shade; NY City Girl Shine Bright Intense Colour Lip Gloss berry shade.

Summer? Where did that come from? I have honestly been so excited for Spring and Summer this year. I just cannot believe how fast the seasons have come around! Lets savour these Summer months as midfully as we possible can while we have a chance! To celebrate its joyus arrival I wanted to share with you my current top five Summer shades that I'm most excited to flaunt on my lips this season and feel have a timeless place in all Summer seasons. Without further ado let us celebrate this colourful month in all things colourful lip wise!

P.S I am fully aware some of the products pictured and mentioned in this post aren't cruelty free or vegan however this is because I am in the process of using up and transitioning my beauty collection to a vegan beauty collection. So, the aim of the post is to display to you ideas of the shades I like to sport in the Summer months so you can head to your favourite brands, be it cruelty free or vegan ones, with some inspiration on some Summer colours to pick and enjoy!

Classic Red
I mean when does a red go out of season? In my eyes you can never go far wrong with a red whatever the weather but I feel they are an especially exciting makeup addition in the Summer months. Something just screams to me classic Summer vintage and I'm all about that <3 ! If the vintage way steals your heart as it does mine, a red lipstick with more of a satin finish would be beautiful. However if you prefer a bit more of a modern vibe I think a true red shaded lip gloss, like the second swatch above, adds the perfect does of Summer cherry to any look or flirtatious  finishing touch to a Summer evening's out makeup.

Signature Summer Pinks
Oh I love a pink. My personal favourite colour since 1998! (Okay well I'm being a bit ambitious there but my chosen colour of favour has never really changed all these years. For the Summer season I am especially fond of the lighter, ever so slightly lilac and dusky toned pinks. A little like MAC's Chatterbox, which also offers some brightness too (symbolizing the long lost British sunshine). Again, I've also swatched fourth in line a light, slightly lilac toned pink lip gloss as I just feel gloss encompasses the excitement and dewiness of Summer so beautifully. Think Barbie pinks but on the lighter side of the scale and just a tad darker than your Spring blossom pinks.

Brights and Neons
If there's a time to get your neons out it's more than ever now! With festivals around the clock and parades galore I find nothing more exciting than to marry up my makeup with these joyous events and therefore find Summer the perfect time to wear these statement shades. For me, a hot pink lip is a Summer classic. I say, get creative and embrace your bright and neon shades this Summer season and simply have fun! Swatched is a good gentle shade in the form of a darker slightly neon pink.

Hot Pinks
To me hot pink lipsticks are the icon of the Summer months, as I've mentioned previously. Although I find them one of the trickiest shades to wear I always rejoice in the fact that I can much more easily pull of this gorgeous tone in the Summer. Paired with white clothing and minimal makeup this bold colour makes an extraordinary Summer statement. Equally it adds the perfect finishing touch to any colourful Summer makeup look, further enhancing and celebrating those shades. This section has seriously got me dreaming about the new Peaches and Cream space themed collection <3!

Berry Stains
Last up is a bit of a different one that a lot of you may be thinking "but Ellie, that's an Autumnal shade". Well, I did consider this however I found something so Summery in the idea that ombré or stained berry lip shades make the perfect summer berry stain, as if you've just eaten a bowl full of berries. To me there is something just so beautiful about that! So for the berries, like the last two swatches above, I'd say go for subtle glosses and stains for that berry bitten look.

And if you made it this far thank you for reading my madness and I hope you somewhat enjoyed the post! Maybe even taken a little inspiration from it! I'd love to know you favourite lip combos for the Summer too as I loveeeee to experiment with my beauty. Do comment you Summer favourites down below! Enjoy the sunshine lovelies and, in spite of the absent sunshine, that little touch of lip colour on those rainy Summer days!

Ellie Xx


  1. I love that you’re transitioning to cruelty free, and I can’t believe it’s summer either! I need me some light pinks for those brighter days! lizziearkell.com xo

    1. I'm so made up that I am doing the switch! It's like a mini challenge but for such a good cause and I absolutely love that. I'm getting so excited every time I pick up a new cruelty free addition for my makeup collection! :D It's my big goal for this year as last year was my first year vegan and I focused on switching my diet so this year I'm focusing on switching beauty and clothing :D . When I've got the jist of it all I would definitely love to do some posts or a series on it on my blog to help others because social media has been everything I rely on and that has helped me massively in this transition! My goodness aren't the days flying as well! I'll be able to have a bit more of a rest this Summer work-wise so I will take it slow and slow down these lovely Summer months for us all :'D . Ooooo yes, always have to have a pink lip shade in my collection <3 ! I need to get testing a good variety of the cruelty free lipsticks out there and if I find a good-en I will for sure let you know lovely! :D Thank you so kindly for your comment Lizzie! :D Xx

  2. I love a pink lip this time of the year!xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk

    1. Are you brave and go for a bold hot pink or do you stick to the gentler lighter pinks Lauren? :D I love both and I'm on a mission to pull the both of them off this season! You have such beautiful skin; I can well see you rocking a hot pink like an absolute goddess! :D I love them but I've struggled to wear them in past years with my acne as, if I can't conceal it well, I feel like the colour doesn't sit right on my lips personally but I am determined to conquer that this Summer! Thank you so much for your comment lovely! :D Xx

  3. Corals and peach lipsticks are my all time favorite shades to wear during the summer months!


    1. Now these are two beautifully unique shades I think Bernadette! :D I sometimes find them quite hard to suit me as I am so pale with such a mixture of undertones :'D but I'm really trying to sport a much wider variety of shades this season as opposed to saving them for the odd day here and there! What are you favourite makeup shades (e.g blush and eye shadow) to wear corals and peaches with lovely? And thank you so kindly for your comment! :D Xx

  4. I love berry shades for Summer! I like it to look almost like my lips are stained. I must say, I'm not a big fan of pinks on me but maybe I just haven't found the right lippie yet! I'll have to give that Mac one a go! xo

    1. Aaaa Marissa thank you so kindly for the comment! :D You are the first ever person I’ve found who likes wearing a berry shade in the Summer too! :D Oh I definitely agree. I think pinks and nudes are two of the hardest colours to find the perfect shade in! I’d definitely recommend taking a look at Makeup Revolution, ELF and Barry M’s offering and they are so much cheaper too! :D Xx


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