My Current Favourite Jewellery Pieces of the Moment

Good morning beautiful people! Holy moly, hasn't there been a lot going on in the YouTube/ blogger-sphere recently! Now I've been ever so excited for the floods of Summer posts to coincide with this month of June however I have seen very little of them :'(. And likewise, my last post (Summer themed) didn't appear to get much love so maybe I'm a tad step ahead of the British weather community and should be reserving my summer love for maybe later in the month? Alas, if you weren't a big fan of last fortnight's post then this one is a little more universal! Both jewellery lovers and admires alike, welcome to a little insight into the jewellery I've been enjoying in my hectic life at the minute!

The Main Theme
As I mentioned previously, life has picked up its pace for me recently (in positive ways) yet despite this I've still been holding down my New Year's resolution to wear and enjoy my jewellery more often! For this reason I've found that keeping it simple is key. So it's been dainty necklaces and earrings and singular focuses on one area. 

Colour/ Tone
With the flavour of the current fashion flow leaning a little more to the gold side of things I've been reaching for my gold coloured pieces more than ever! I think these pair with and compliment some of the key styles of the season, like suiting and sports wear, so effortlessly and chic. The colour is classic and I really find it adds a flare of sophistication that some current styles require to balance the mixing of cute and girly with ultimate boss lady-chic.

I've also really been enjoying layering my jewellery. I found this works especially well and stylishly looking with my 'one area focus rule'. For example, a layering of statement and a dainty necklace or a hand jewelled with a selection of dainty rings on each finger. The gem of this style is that it also works perfectly for the warmer months (don't run away because I'm hinting at Summer!). Sporting a light and dainty necklace or some tiny earrings is much more comfortable and fresh in the heat as opposed to being layered and weighed down with big, heavy statement pieces. However that's just my personal preference, especially as I'm getting back into the swing of wearing jewellery again!

And that pretty much sums up the jist of it for me theses warmer or sunnier days! I'm really enjoying the dainty and minimal jewel trend this season has brought and I'm really excited to see how it can be embodied in the cooler months ahead! What jewellery and styling have you been loving at the moment? :D

Ellie Xx


  1. I'm not really a jewellery wearer, I put on a necklace every now and then but that's as far as it goes. You have some gorgeous pieces! I may have to invest in some new pieces for the summer. An amazing post Ellie! Xx

    1. Awwww, Alanna you're so kind! :'D Thank you so kindly! Girl I admire you for that :') . I'm dreadful for forgetting and wearing a little necklace is such a signature piece! I want and need to find my signature style in the jewellery department! <3

  2. I've been layering jewellery a lot at the moment too, especially necklaces. Lovely post xxx

    1. Thank you ever so kindly loveliest! :D I think it's such a nice trend! :) Xx


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