My Summer Morning Routine | A Collaboration with Najida

"sun cream application has become a daily ritual, and I ain't just talking about a dab of facial SPF"

Surprise, surprise! How unusual; a post during the week from me! Well this week's post, detailing all about my Summer's morning routine, is an extra special post as it's being posted in collaboration with the loveliest Najida! Najida is not only a stunningly talented blogger but a lovely lady I've met along my blogging journey and I feel honoured and blessed (and so excited!) to get to share my Summer morning routine together with hers! So if you want to have a nosey at my usual habitual routine for the warmer mornings  keep reading and watch the toast fly! If you'd also like to get a little insight into Najida's much calmer and more elegant morning routine, a link to her post will also be down below. With social media links of course because you are just going to love this girly so much, you won't want to miss a picture! (Trust me, you really won't. She's a stunning blog photographer!).

Let's get ready! 

Wake up!

As of current I'm still going in uni (I am poofed) so my morning wake-ups are full-fueled sleep deprivation, painful eye opening times. Whether I'm in uni or not I always aim to wake up at the same time though, at 06:30 am, to help give my sleep cycle a little continuity. For the summer this is a lovely time as its pleasantly cool but partnered with the natural rising sunlight, which I find really helps in waking me up efficiently.

Food time baby!

Adorned usually in Connor's red hoodie, I make my grand entrance to the kitchen as fast as I can, opting for simply toast with juice and tea these Summer mornings. I previously had beans on toast but I just find this too heavy and hearty on these slightly muggy mornings. For the days where I have a little extra time (my few and far between days off) I sometimes like to enjoy my breakfast, or at least hot beverage, alfresco with Mr Ziggy embarking on his morning outdoor exploration. For all my fellow vegans out there, Kingsmil bread and Flora dairy free spread are my go to for toast!

Prior to showering I used to partake in an "extensive" work out routine however I'm so exhausted from the hectic times of my life of the moment I just haven't been doing this. I thought, why carry on doing something if you're not enjoying it? Life's for living, not burning out before 8 am!

"We're leaving in negative six minutes!" (Get ready)

With the days being as wild as the heat this Summer for myself, as of current I really have just been throwing myself together of a morning. Usually a quick shower with a sweet scented shower gel of choice, followed by washing my face in the shower, a meticulous teeth brush and deodorant prep pre-sun cream routine! Just to note, for all those grimacing out there, I always ensure to turn the water temperature of the shower down to a much cooler level before cleansing my face to help avoid any damage to my wee delicate skin.

Skincare, beauty and all that Summer jazz!

So, as you'll all be wanting to know, I have a few special editions for my Summer skincare morning routine. As noted above, sun cream application has become a daily ritual, and I ain't just talking about a dab of facial SPF! Once left the shower my biggest top tip is to apply your SPF straight away to reduce the risk of any sticky clothing SPF incidents. Initially I lather myself in my moisturiser of choice - a current one being the Yes to Carrots Super Rich Body Butter - then complete my usual morning skincare routine while my body moisturiser sinks in. Now absorbed, I go back and apply my SPF (factor 50 as always) absolutely all over. Wherever my skin will be exposed to the sun. The key is in the 'birthday suit'! Not having to navigate my way around bits of clothing makes the job a whole lot easier and much kinder on my disheveled stain remover soap bar. While this is soaking in, I then cleanse my hands to reduce bacteria transfer to my face (living that acne life) and then apply a generous teaspoon of facial SPF to my face and neck, now that my skincare has meshed into my face. For this I use and flipping love the Dead Sea Spa Magik Sunsafe Oil-free Facial Gel SPF 50. The reason I haven't mentioned my body SPF is because I'm still using up a non-vegan option however my next vegan friendly back up is going to be the Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Sun Lotion SPF 50 (review to follow in the future!). In terms of my facial skincare routine, I haven't quite cracked the golden master plan so if you're a bit bummed to not see this don't despair as this is something that will definitely be posted on my blog on the horizon as I refine my perfect skincare choice!

Now it's fair to say that this unexpected heatwave (since the last of the Summer of 2005) has definitely played a part in my makeup choices but my mad busy uni and work times this Summer have definitely had a say in my makeup choices too. Mainly focused on choice of base and layers. Recently I've been opting for a light BB cream-like base, applied carelessly with my fingers. I've been absolutely blown away by the sheer tinted coverage of the ultra light B. Flawless Silk Foundation. Such a thin, barely there layer with some kind of super power tint that just sheers out and blurs my acne like no other (rivaling my fuller coverage foundations I tell you!). Keeping it light and simple I've then just been curling my lashes and good to go! On days I opt for a little more however (aka, days that I'm not rushed whereby my soul is still in bed but my body is just about up, trying to reach the front door in a mostly presentable manner) I used the Soap and Glory Thick and Fast HD Mascara. Following with a hint of the GOSH Eyebrow Defining Gel in 3 Grey Brown to bring out those bushes. On good days the deal is sealed with a slather of lip balm, gracefully being a faithful Crazy Rumors Lemonade pick (thanks to my local Holland & Barret's remaining dwindling stock!).

Good to go baby!
With a spritz of perfume and sprinkle of dainty jewellery (on very good days only) I find my self reading to adorn the day and its Summer sunshine! Although I'm unsure as to whether vegan or not, my picks (I;m using up) are either my refreshingly lemon based Durance Verveine Frache or my tutti and fruity, watermelon-esque Being by Sanctuary Spa Water Lotus & Pomelo.

And that's pretty much how my life rolls of a morning this Summer! I'd be really interest to hear both your Summer inspired morning routines and your thoughts on mine as I just admire anyone who is able to have a semi-calm, exercise incorporating, super productive morning whilst working full time! My hat goes off to you if you do! Now, I've got a hint of an idea that there's some smoothies in Najida's Summer morning so I would definitely hop over to her post and see what all her Summer jazz is about! Simply click here ->

And if you can't read Najida's post just yet or simply want to see more of her amazingness I've linked all her social medias down below, coupled with her usernames!

Najida's blog -
Instagram - @lifeasnajida
Twitter - @lifeasnajida
Pinterest - Life as Najida
Bloglovin - Life as Najida 

Hoping you enjoyed this little sporadic post you lovely person and go and enjoy all things lovely created by Miss Najida herself! Leave a little comment below if you liked or are just absolutely amazing at mornings and need to tell me all your Summer morning routine tips and tricks! What Summer editions do you have to your morning routines?

Ellie Xx


  1. I am definitely not a morning person like you are Ellie! I even choose to shower in the evening than the morning so I guess I can say i'm a night owl😂😂 Love how you included your skincare routine (mine is in a separate post haha). During the summer, I never water makeup because I have the feeling of it melting off and I get very spotty during the summer so it's a big no no! Really enjoyed reading your summer routine and seeing how different ours is. By the way, I had no idea that you were in Uni! I thought you were in 6th form or college, haha xx

    1. Oh girly I don't know if I am a morning person, haha :'D . I love my makeup whatever the weather and I often miss it on busier days! Oh girly that is such the sweetest compliment; thank you so kindly! At least I still have what appears to be a bit of youth left in me then :'D . Thank you again Najida for choosing to collaborate together; it has been so much fun! I'm definitely incorporating some of your fabulously effortlessly chill morning vibes into my routine from here onward! Xx


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