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"possibly THE best place for vegan makeup and beauty purchases"

Hello lovelies! Although there hasn't be a post from me in an odd week or too I can certainly reclaim and confirm my dedication to the blog in the I've been waiting to delve into many of these products ever since they arrived! Mid way through the year of my big vegan beauty switch I'd run out of a few usual products, with that resulting in a rather juicy vegan beauty haul! Therefore I thought it'd only be right to share both the dazzling new products and my absolute excitement on the blog so others could see just how many fabulous and easy to obtain vegan beauty gems there are to explore in the UK.

Below, I've listed the haul into the three shops I purchased from to give an idea of which shops are best to look at for which type of vegan beauty items.

The Body Shop

Now The Body Shop is a bit tricky in the sense that it doesn't label all its vegan products vegan (from what I can see) however according to their website they only appear to use three animal products and in certain listed items. Important to note though is that The Body Shop is completely cruelty free and vegeterian! Yey! :D The non-vegan ingredients they state to use in some products are honey, beeswax and shellac however they do state they are aiming to move away from the use of animal derivatives in their newer products. On that note though, I sadly found beeswax in two of my ordered body butters and a lip butter :'( however being it a sales haul this suggests this could be due to them having old formulas. The Pinita Colada Body Butter on the other hand was all free from beeswax and likewise was the Strawberry Lip butter! Two which I am most excited to try and will hopefully leave me feeling like a silky smooth fruit cocktail!

What's great about The Body Shop is that you can browse all their selection of many vegan products by simply searching vegan in the search bar!

Holland and Barrett

Holland and Barrett has fast become my second home over the past year and months of my vegan voyage. My local city stores have a pretty decent selection of beauty products but I find it so handy to either click and collect (which is free over £10) or get my order delivered (which is also free over £20). On this occasion my main focus was skincare, which my skin is the toughest critic for! Currently my skin has now returned to the dryness of the Sahara Desert, whilst still maintaining its ample pimple-age so I was looking for all the moisture-inducing properties with the right balance of 'not-too-pore-clogging'. I chose the Dr Organics Moroccan Argan Oil Creamy Face Wash in the hopes of not stripping my skin like other washes. Followed by a very exciting purchase of the new Dr Organics Cocoa Butter Day Cream, which promises all things great with chocolate scents! I must note, so far the record is looking good for the Argan Oil face wash! For those who know my deodorant preferences well there was also a bigggg leap of faith purchase. I've tried and hated a number of natural deodorants know and was closing to admitting and giving in to the idea that Mitchum was the only deodorant that worked on the planet. Alas however, in a hopeful mood, I selected the Salt of the Earth Roll-on deodorant to give a whirl seen as my latter was running out. Again, this bad boy is also knocking my socks off and, let's just say, it has absolutely shocked me! If you'd like to know why and really would like a review of this all natural vegan deodorant then please add a comment to this post right away and your wishes shall be answered! Lastly, I also sporadically and to my surprise picked up three of my ultimate favourite Crazy Rumors lip balms in Lemonade, Mocha and Bubble Gum. I say surprisingly because these have now been discontinued from Holland and Barrett :'( however do follow their Instagram page over at @crazyrumors where you can purchase these insane lip balms from their website or from @makeupwithoutmalice, which I have yet to order from yet.


And last but not least, possibly THE best place for vegan makeup and beauty purchases on the UK high street! Superdrug had some amazing penny saving offers on (as the often do!) of which I ended up getting a foundation and complimentary facial festival gems free! My ultimate hunt was for a new full coverage foundation, for which I chose the ELF Flawless Finish Foundation in Natural (which frightened me and my Caspar complexion as this was not as stated on the website however panic over, they've simply updated their shade names). Heading over to the absolute holy grail of drug store vegan makeup I looked to Makeup Revolution for a new powder, rejoicing in the sight of and picking their Revolution Pro Loose Finishing Powder which is flipping Talc free! I cannot tell you how long I have been searching for a talc free face powder! Coming in one shade I'm pretty sure it will be translucent, as does the pale white shade hint to so that shall be interesting to experiment with! With the blessing of the three for two gods however I then also got the Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation in shade F1 (for neutral undertones) absolutely free and yet more excitement to see how this performs on my wee troublesome skin! Lastly I also decided to pick up my new toner from Superdrug as I want to branch out to some more affordable vegan skincare brands. Superdrug's own Vitamin E Skincare Range was the perfect option for this and I'm very much excited to see what their hydrating mist does for my skin.

I really hope you found this little vegan haul helpful if you yourself are wanting to purchase some vegan beauty products as I know this was the kind of blog posts I was and still am always searching for to help me on my vegan journey! And if not, I hope you enjoyed getting to nosey into my little haul as that is also another thing I love about a blog post. Getting to have a good nosey and someone else's picks, favourites or daily beauty items of choice!

Please comment below if you know any star vegan beauty and makeup products for temperamental acne prone skin as I always want to try something new!

Ellie Xx


  1. Awww I need to use more cruelty free makeup! You picked up some great bits in your haul and it's good that you've listed the best places to find vegan beauty products xx

    Lauren |

    1. That's how I felt and I am so amazed at how easy and accessible it has been once I've got the ball rolling on knowing where to look for products and what to look out for! There are just so many options out there; I'd love to do a whole blog series on it one day when I am more clued up! Let me know if you're looking for any products in particular Lauren and I'll look for some cruelty free options for you if you like lovely!? I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the post lovely and that it sparked some beauty shopping thoughts in you! :D

  2. Superdrug is definitely my favourite place to buy all things beauty. Having such wonderful cruelty-free options right on the highstreet is amazing. I also adore the Dr Organic products, they leave your skin feeling amazing!

    Hope you're having a great week.

    Chloe x

    1. I have become a Superdrug convert! I've always liked it but now it's my go to and I think more places need to follow its shining example! It's just amazing how easy they make cruelty free and vegan beauty! Do you know Chloe, you and Em Sheldon are the only individuals I ever found that have tried Dr Organics! How dreamy are their scents <3 and like nothing on the high street too and oh so natural! People are seriously missing out! What are your fave Dr Organics products girly? Em Sheldon said she loves the tan and I'm definitely tempted to try it!

      P.S The Cocoa Butter Day Cream is an absolute mezmerizing dream of a scent! <3 Honestly pure, pure, REAL chocolate!!! Xx


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