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Happy Halloween Lovelies!

So to cut a long story short, I watched Stranger Things for the first time early on this year and became absolutely hooked! I also found myself loving Nancy's character and after watching both seasons one and two consecutively I felt the urge to recreate a lookbook of Nancy's iconic outfits, just to feel a little more Nancy-esque shall we say. Now I pictured this almost a year ago now and hadn't had chance to upload (hence please forgive how much worse my photography was all these months ago) but I though it would be pretty fitting for this Halloween!
Putting all the outfits together from clothes I already own makes Nancy's looks so easy and effortless to put together in a flash, without any last minute dash to the shops. So I think one of Nancy's iconic looks would be perfect for a last minute costume for tonight! I kept my makeup pretty natural as Nancy seemed to have enough bad ass girl sass to make up for any wild eighties winged liner. I attempted to give myself some heatless curls for some eighties volume as well however they didn't set too fabulously so I'd recommend some good curlers and a touch of backcombing to achieve Nancy's preppy yet voluminous curls to finish off the look.

A Good Day for Monster Hunting?                                                                   Nancy's "monster hunting" look was one of the easiest I found to recreate. Yes the cat wasn't exactly featured in Nancy's outfit but I think the combination of the pieces of the style together speaks volumes and you forget the cat face is really there. For the look I paired a sweat shirt over a plaid shirt with collar, accompanied by my vintage denim jacket over top. The baggier the jacket the better I feel it is for this look. I don't own a corduroy jacket but the shape and style of my vintage Levis jacket emulated her corduroy jacket perfectly. Paired with simple plain pants helps to keep the focus in the style that we couple oh so well with that baseball bat.
The Snowball
Nancy's little smile towards Johnathon in this scene just stole my heart and I was so happy these two ended up together. Sorry Steve! Hoping they stick together in season three. <3 Again, another really simple and iconic Nancy outfit from season two but a bit tricky if you don't own a dark tartan dress. Pair a similar one with black tights, a cute pair of black flats and let the hair do all the talking. Add plenty of curls and backcombing all pinned up into a messy pineapple bun for this one and you're good to go for the Snowball!
Just Being Stupid Teenagers for the Night                                                        When I looked back at this scene I noticed Nancy actually had a cream skirt on so forgive me and if you're going for the "bullsh*t" look I'd recommend pairing a white shirt with black detail over a cream skater skirt. If you haven't got a shirt with black detail however I'd simply recommend adding a black ribbon around the neck of the collor, which I haven't done hear, and I think paired with a cream skirt you'd definitely be party ready with this look. Just don't drink too much lovelies; take Nancy's advice here!
Just Wondering...                                    Oh those eighties cardigans. Nancy really knows her vintage knits and pulls them off effortlessly throughout the seasons in an array of pastels. Think your best traditional pastel knits, cute cardigans and beige pants and you're sure to be mistaken for Miss Nancy where ever you may be. Now tell me, what's on you're mind... Steve or Johnathon?
Dinner with Johnathon                          If you've got a turtle neck and a knit jumper you're good to go, maybe not to dinner with Johnathon (I'd rather go monster hunting with him) but good to go as season one Nancy. Some mom jeans make the perfect vintage eighties touch to this look, that's mistakenly Stranger Things-like. Also most perfect for cold evenings out trick or treating and Nancy-on-point paired with a duffle coat.
            Have a wonderful Halloween and make sure you don't fall into the Upside Down tonight!
                                                                            Ellie Xx


  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this post! You look so cute in ALL the outfits, especially number 5 xx

    1. Alice you're one of my most favourite humans; thank you so bloody kindly for your kind words as ever! :') Love you girly! How on fleek is Nancy Wheeler's wardrobe though, haha. Maybe not on fleek but seriously, the vintage-ness. It kills me (in a good fashion way)! Cannot contain myself for season three. It neeeeeeds to come out as soon as possible! Xxx


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